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02-01-2008, 11:10 AM
[Admin: old title: Sacramento Alt-Weekly Endorses Ron Paul for Rep. Primary]

Republican, Ron Paul
We like Ron Paul, but his libertarian view (he’s against government regulations and opposes taxes) would not help America solve most of its major problems, from the climate crisis to health-care needs. We do admire his opposition to the war and his call to end the war on drugs (and we’re not just saying this to please SN&R staffer with the giant Ron Paul poster in his window!). Paul would make a good GOP protest vote.

Full column here: http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/Content?oid=618378

02-01-2008, 12:04 PM
That's not much of an endorsement, nor is it particularly accurate. Taxing income does not solve 'major problems' in America - if it did, we'd already be moving towards solutions. Instead, we see waste. The famous $100 dollar hammer still exists - we pay Halliburton $80 per load of laundry in Iraq (watch Iraq For Sale for more info on this and other atrocities, I'm sure you can find it online...). Our medical industrial complex is no better - as Ron Paul will point out, why is it that cell phones and computers and other technology drop in price... while medicine and health care rises? The answer is corruption, and a large cause of that is the tight links between gov't and big pharm.

You can't solve corruption by throwing money at it. And throwing money at a problem only begs for corruption in the first place.

Hillary is in bed with Big Pharm. Don't believe me, do your own research. Kucinich was the only Democrat with a decent health care program (yes, I know, people on this forum will call me socialist now). He's out, of course.

Ron Paul is adamantly against the collusion of big government and big corporations. He rails against it, in fact. He is a doctor. He sees the corruption from the inside. His answer to the health care problem is quite different from the traditional left leaning solution (universal health care) - his solution is to give us back our tax money (we have more to spend), remove gov't subsidies to big pharm (force competition, prices will drop as they do in all other tech fields), and allow us to choose our doctors freely (once again, forcing competition and dropping prices). Furthermore, every state would be free to do as they please - so, for example, California and Oregon could both try different Universal Health Care programs... and if one is a major success, other states would follow in their footsteps!

Understand that Ron Paul is for the people. As a doctor, he refused Medicare and Medicaid payments - if someone couldn't afford care, he'd give it for FREE! He doesn't want people sick and unable to afford care any more than you do.

And I know it takes awhile to warm up to (because, honestly, I don't think anyone should EVER be turned away if they need care) but his ideas do make sense. I certainly don't think our federal gov't as it stands should be entrusted with such an undertaking - we already know they are corrupt, we already know they serve the interests of big pharm, we already know our tax money doesn't actually lower prices - it just lines pockets. Combine this with the states right issue (where Cali or Oregon or wherever can try out different programs) and it's a win/win for everyone.