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02-01-2008, 02:14 AM
Check out our Anti-Huckabee flyer in response to propaganda from their campaign that was sent out in advance of today's events in Oklahoma:

huckreport.zip (http://home.icequake.net/~nemesis/huckreport.zip)
huckreport.pdf (http://home.icequake.net/~nemesis/huckreport.pdf)

02-01-2008, 01:50 PM
So the Huckabee campaign decided to use their buddies in the media to put out a hit piece today:


My reply:

Hello, this is Ryan Underwood one of the Tulsa Ron Paul Organizers.

The Tulsa World did not bother to return my phone calls about the article. It was poorly researched and not fact checked at all. If only our own statements regarding the actions of certain unnamed other campaigns in this town would be placed in print on a simple say-so!

The reporter went to the meetup group's calendar, according to the article. Since she visited the calendar, surely she saw the message from the person named "Jane", who registered with the meetup just yesterday, and who posted the false location information on our meetup -- you know, that information that we allegedly sent out -- and also sent it out to our mailing list.

The paper did not bother to print our side of the story. They printed Pruitt's accusation as if it had some sort of evidence or merit to it, and then printed our denial as if it were any old denial.

The evidence that the Huckabee campaign is blaming us for their own antics is right there on the meetup site, folks. Don't let these other campaigns mislead you into supporting a candidate who will continue the war, taxes, inflation, globalism, and ignorance of the Constitution that is eroding our Republic. And especially don't base any such support on the say-so of a paid liar like Pruitt.

A poster above mentioned the worn-out graffiti accusation, and once again, anyone who experiences problems with such things either on their private property or on public property should be emailing us with any concerns at ronpaultulsa@gmail.com or calling the State Coordinator Kirk Shelley at 405-470-3398. What good does it do to air these concerns in public as if we had anything to do with it? We have cleaned up all such nonsense at our own personal expense and will continue to do so, because let me assure you that none of us would appreciate such vandalism on our property either, and our respect for private property rights is one important reason why we support Dr. Paul.

Ryan Underwood
Ron Paul Tulsa

When I showed up at the airport, there were goons doing perimeter on the clubhouse and the parking lot, clearly looking for the "Ron Paul Greeting" they were anticipating. It was pretty funny. We just flyered all the cars parked up and down the road, and in the other parking lots, and left.

How glad I am that we exposed Pruitt as the liar that he is in that handout. He certainly lived up to that reputation again today!

02-01-2008, 02:06 PM
This message in the mailing list archive additionally shows that we were taken in by the phony press release just as much as anybody else would have been.