View Full Version : Become the media!

01-31-2008, 02:24 PM
Go to Kinkos. Photocopy Llepard's USA Today ads. Stop by the paper machine every morning between now and the election and manually insert it into the newspaper.
Post it daily at bank machines, at gas stations, in doctor's offices, in dentist's offices.
Send it around the world the next time you fly by inserting it into the Duty Free in flight magazines.

The next time you see a movie put flyers in every seat.

In public restrooms put Ron Paul stickers neatly over the hand dryer and inside the bathroom stalls at eye level.

Stamp your money: No Taxing Tips ronpaul2008.com

We can't depend on the media. We have to fight.

02-07-2008, 10:24 AM
and/or.. for roughly 6 cents each you can get a bunch of nice full sized papers in full color and drop them.. http://ronpaulnewspaper.com
somewhere on this forum are some pics of the actual newspaper and it looks great.

and.. your local cable company has a public access channel. You can go sign up and each week or so run a show - just run "Freedom to Fascism" or "Spin" each week. There are loads and loads of videos that you can run that the public has never seen. ;)