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01-31-2008, 02:19 PM

I ordered 20 2.25 inch Green Buttons and 15 sets of ALL 8 of the 2.25 Limited Edition Collector Buttons
in order to raise funds for buying advertisements and donations to the campaign.

These are COLLECTOR Buttons that will NOT be issued again.

If you would like to donate to me in order to HELP Dr Paul in the Election, or to my Non Profit Org which can run issues related advertisements
I will send you a gift in return.

I'll add more info later: questions? email: Mark@RonPaul.cc

01-31-2008, 03:10 PM
Here's info one the buttons:


Limited Ed. “I SUPPORT RON PAUL” 2.25” BUTTON Package
SKU: 9018
This official Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Limited Edition “I Support Ron Paul” button (designed by Michael Nystrom of Daily Paul fame)
is certain to become a collector’s item in the not too distant future!

So go ahead, show your support with this 2.25” button. Limited to 1776 pieces of each color

02-02-2008, 03:56 PM
How do we donate?

02-04-2008, 01:22 PM
How do we donate?

I've just created google checkout accounts for the non profit and personal, and also paypal accounts.

I think paypal transers between paypal accounts are fee free - but I'm not positive.
I did transfer money from my paypal the other day to the campaign, so I think if a someone had money in their paypal account,
they could just transfer a payment to my account with no fees charged.

I wanted to wait to see if there was any interest before I created a webpage for the buttons,
but I can also do a regular "shopping cart" type checkout through a website.

I was trying to avoid Ebay because of fees charged, but that's a possibility too.

Also, a direct wire into a checking account is a possibility, or even sending a check.
If I had the address to send the buttons to, a wire or check could be used with, I think, no fees involved.


If you or anyone wants, you can email me at: Mark@RonPaul.cc to work out shipping and other details.

I've never shipped overseas before, but I checked into it once for sending a package to Italy, and it was a bit expensive,
so finding the best way to send them would be a priority.

I need to run do some errands, but I'll email or PM you asap.


First, I'd like to finish maxing out to the campaign, then help other good grassroots campaign ideas - ads ect.

My non profit can run issue oriented ads, but, personally, I can run ads specifically supporting Ron.

So, depending on the money raised, the sky's the limit.


I'd like to start a project for the non profit in terms of running issue related ads that compare candidates ect,
using grassroots volunteers to come up with ideas to use and prepare the ads.

Many times it works well just to give people the info and let them connect the dots themselves as to who to vote for.

Plus, for U.S. citizens, the donations to the non profit would be tax deductible, which would benefit the donor as well.

Personally, I'm not looking to pay myself a salary or expenses like other projects are doing, so, hopefully,
100% of the money would be able to go to the ads ect.

However, as a side note, as a minister employed by the non profit, I can accept tax deductible donations for the non profit,
then pay myself a reasonable salary,
and then use my personal funds to run ads specifically supporting Ron.

There's a LOT of ways to do things if I can get the funding.

And non U.S. Citizens can donate as much as they want to the non profit, so, it's a way to help out monetarily legally.

That's why the buttons can be such a help to the campaign. It's a gift to send to donors that help the non profit, plus,
I can sell them personally for funds to help the campaign through personal efforts.

And, the buttons are really cool too. They're limited edition collector items, which may increase in value in time. They will NEVER be reproduced.

Only 1776 were made in each color.

And the only way for non U.S. Citizens to get them is through a U.S. Citizen who purchased them through the campaign store.