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01-31-2008, 01:41 PM
Media Research Center
From the Desk of:
Douglas Mills, Executive Vice President

Over the last number of weeks, the liberal media seem shocked
by Hillary Clinton’s antics. Her tears, taunts, even playing
the race card have all left liberal news organizations confused...

But from my position at the MRC, I'm neither shocked nor confused.
In fact, from my unique vantage point, I could have easily
anticipated this happening.

This is all part of the Clinton political juggernaut where
everything is carefully scripted and planned and where the
media must be a willing pawn...

They are, and the results could be catastrophic to our nation.

++ The Truth about Hillary and the Media Revealed

Since 1992, the Media Research Center has poured over Hillary
Clinton to the point that we know how she plays and are aware
of the media’s role in her coronation.

This is a story we were compelled to tell--a true story that can't
be found because the liberal media play such a key role.

This is a story about a relationship that the liberal media have
run from and hope you do too. That's why Brent wrote "Whitewash:
What the Media Won't Tell You About Hillary Clinton, but
Conservatives Will."

This definitive resource is a fast and exciting read for those who
want to know the real truth about the unholy alliance between Hillary
Clinton and the media and the very real threat it poses to us all.

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++More Truth Revealed

To expose the truth about Hillary, Brent marshaled compelling
evidence compiled exclusively by MRC analysts. He also interviewed
dozens of today’s leading conservatives who
have seen first-hand the media’s almost propaganda-like
coverage of Hillary.

Inside "Whitewash," you'll find keen insights by
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter,
Mark Levin, Mary Matalin, Laura Ingraham,
Cal Thomas and many others who candidly
express their views on the unprecedented media
favoritism toward Hillary.

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We are at a critical crossroads in our nation--a time when citizens
simply cannot rely on the liberal media to report the truth. This book
is as timely as it is important, for it gives you the truth that is
too important to be ignored.


Douglas Mills, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center

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