View Full Version : Don't Despair

01-31-2008, 12:14 PM
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about how many more houses I needed to visit before Feb. 5 but I'm starting to see the tide is turning for us who seek liberty. On Sunday I attended a meeting of about 30 people. I had a moment to speak so I reminded them about Tuesday's Primary and I got in a small plug to "Vote for Ron Paul". After the meeting, two new Ron Paul friends introduced themselves to me.

On Monday, the pizza delivery guy said he liked my yard sign and he said he'll be voting for Dr. Paul. On Tuesday, I spoke with a fellow teacher who I found was also a Ron Paul supporter. This teacher's son was even with the college students who went into Iowa to campaign for Ron Paul.

esterday, I had to have a plumber come in to do a little work. We talked a bit about Ron Paul. The plumber said, "He's the libertarian, isn't he?" This was astonishing to me because the plumber is a Romanian refugee who can't even vote yet! Last night I got an automated phone call from the campaign phone bank. I feel like singing, "It's a Paul world after all, it's a Paul world after all, it's a Paul world after all...It's a Ron Paul world!"