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I am trying to get all the important information in one thread before super Tuesday. Most of this information came straight from the state subforums. Let me know if anything needs to be added or edited.


Mid-Alabama Republican Club meeting

This meeting is being held this Friday and Saturday in Hoover. It is a lunch meeting on Friday and a breakfast meeting on Saturday. Could be a great opportunity to share Ron Paul's positions with some GOP activists. Here is the link with the details.


Has anyone every been to this before? I was thinking about going on Friday.


Ron Paul Readies Alaska Campaign
Friday January 25, 10:35 am ET
Republican presidential candidate staffing up, laying foundations for victory in the 'Last Frontier'

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Ron Paul 2008 Presidential campaign has opened two new offices, and is staffing up in preparation for Alaska’s February 5 Republican presidential preference vote.

Two offices opened simultaneously in Anchorage and Fairbanks. The Anchorage office is at 3339 Fairbanks Street, near 34th and Old Seward, behind the Moose’s Tooth. In Fairbanks, the office is 1512 South Cushman St., north of Airport Way and Cushman.

"We are excited and ready to compete in Alaska on Super Tuesday," said Paul Alaska state political director Craig Bergman. "Dr. Paul's message of freedom, peace, and prosperity resonates strongly through Alaska, the ‘Last Frontier’, and we are mobilizing that grassroots support into action to win on February 5th.”

The Paul Alaska campaign has staffed up significantly in the past week, adding Bergman and seven new field coordinators, in addition to multiple other hirings.

Dr. Ron Paul is a ten-term Texas congressman seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The building of his Alaska campaign comes on the heels of his second-place finish in the Nevada caucuses, and his first place KTUU Alaska straw poll victory in December.

All registered Republicans in Alaska will be eligible to vote for Ron Paul in the February 5, 2008 Republican presidential primary preference vote.

Attention all grassroots volunteers in Alaska. Upon opening offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks one of the staffers the official campaign sent up there to help you guys is Kerri Price. Friends, I don't know how seriously I can put this. But she is bad news. She worked in the Michigan campaign and it is no exaggeration to say that her involvement literally cost RP votes in Michigan (on the campaigns dime nonetheless). There are threads in the forums that talk about this, as well as one here:

I know what I'm talking about firsthand, and can tell you there are many other volunteers who worked in Michigan who can corroborate what I'm saying.

My advice to all Alaska grassroots is to steer clear of her. Do not share information with her. Do not trust her to provide you with anything. Do not let her take any kind of authority role in your local campaign structure. Shun her as much as possible and let her sit in an office fiddling around on Facebook the whole time. It will be a lot less of a waste than if you let her try to "help."


Rogers Arkansas now has a Ron Paul HQ..
Located at 2301 W Walnut St (Turtle Creek Plaza) in Rogers, the headquarters is located at an ideal location for Rogers and nearby cities.

The headquarters will open at 11:00 am on Saturday, Jan. 25. ((hhmm.. must be a different day zone there in Arkansas))


California is a HUGE medical marijuana state and there are thousands upon thousands of patients who need to be contacted in this state to be made aware of ron pauls stance on the subject and making sure the federal government will not try and "trump" state law.

We have TONS of cannabis clubs and even docs themselves who would love to see the federal hold over this state and its "alternative medicine" stances go away.

This is just one portion of supporters that we need to tap into and need to do so NOW.

Ron Paul Balboa Park Rally and March

Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 11:30 AM 20080202T193000Z

Balboa Park
1549 El Prado
San Diego , CA 92101

Who should come
Everyone, and friends!

This will be our MeetUp's biggest rally ever!

Originally posted by Thomas_Paine of OLFD (will add relevant links as available):

"Winning delegates in California, A California District Strategy.

California has 53 Congressional Districts, each District has 3 delegates REGARDLESS of the proportion of Dems and Reps in that district. This means that districts with extremely low amounts of Republicans can easily be "taken over" through precinct canvassing. The following are districts have a small minority of Republicans: 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31th, 32th, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 38th, 39th, 51st. If you live in California or plan to volunteer there, please choose precincts within the above districts, or your efforts may be largely wasted."

you need to sign up for a precinct with the official campaign. Go to www.ronpaul2008.com.

they will send you a list of all of the registered republicans in your neighborhood and where they live. that way you are knocking on the right doors.


Hello everyone! I am reminding you that Ron Paul will be at the Denver Convention center this Friday February 1st from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. I urge all my fellow Colorado Ron Paul supporters to attend!!

Colorado Convention Center,
February 1st, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Four Seasons Ballroom,
700 14th St, Denver CO 80202

The caucus will last roughly one hour - 7pm-8pm. The meeting itself follows a standard script which I can send you (the Denver script) if you are interested:

1. Call to Order - If the precinct has an existing committeeman, they will do this. Otherwise, it can be done by any Republican in attendance. IMPORTANT: the person who steps up and runs the meeting (absent an existing precinct leader) has an EXCELLENT chance of becoming a precinct leader or delegate - esp with 5 supporters there. There are MANY vacant precinct committee jobs.

2. Register/certify attendees

3. Elect caucus chair/secretary/tellers. These folks run the caucus meeting itself, complete the formal paperwork (which will be provided at the caucus location), and count the votes.

4. Conduct Presidential Preference Poll. Done by ballot, counted by tellers, certified by attendees. Some counties may have/allow short speeches for a candidate upfront. Here in CO, I'd recommend focusing on immigration/borders, strengthening the state by allowing freedom from DC, and the economic future. Results are not binding on delegates even though these are the "results" which will be announced in the media.

5. Elect 2 precinct leaders (one male, one female). If more than two are nominated, plurality vote determines. These become members of the county central committee for the next two years.

6. Elect delegate(s) to the county assembly. Number depends on the precinct. Rough rule of thumb - 1 delegate for every 100-200 registered GOP voters in the precinct - plus a bit if the precinct is in a Republican area and has elected GOP officials. The specific number will be provided at the caucus location. If election is competitive, then plurality vote. They may make a short speech too. PLEASE have your family consider running. With five votes from the family, they have a reasonable chance of winning. They don't even need to mention Ron Paul (though I suspect attendees may insist on finding out who delegates favor). They are the ones being elected to represent their neighbors at the county assembly - and the prez preference poll is not binding. These county assemblies are the next step in ultimately selecting delegates to the national convention.

7. Elect delegates to legislative district nominating assemblies. These are the assemblies that decide on GOP candidates for local offices.

8. Prepare a list of election judges. These are people who volunteer to watch precincts and certify results for the August local primaries and the November general election.

9. Any additional business that comes up. Close meeting. Hand in paperwork to district officer at caucus location.

Anyone who is a certified attendee is eligible to become any of the above - and the ONLY thing that matters for this election are the delegates/leaders. Caucuses are sparsely attended except in Colorado Springs and a few active GOP counties. Caucus locations are available at each county's GOP website (see my ronpaulcolorado.org site below). They may (or may not) be announced in the newspapers. And yes the doors slam shut at 7:00 pm - so be there by 6:30pm. Unlike Iowa or some other places, this caucus is low-key and business. Taking charge of the agenda/meeting is gonna be far more effective than wearing Ron Paul gear.

If you live in Colorado and are wondering what you can do to get Ron Paul elected, please go here for some first steps:


The Colorado Caucus system is confusing and there's a lot of incorrect information out there. Here's a quick (as quick as it can be) description of how it all works:


Note that portions of this site (like the training video and some files) are password protected. You should be able to get the password through your meetup organizer (one of the first steps). If they don't have it, have them contact one of the two Ron Paul offices (listed on the Volunteer page).


According to the Connecticut Post, Ron Paul is going to be listed sixth on the ballot. The ballot listing order was done by lottery today (2 January) ny the Conecticut Secretary of State.

Here is a list of Ron Paul meetup groups I've found:

Main Site: http://ronpaulct.com/

Tolland County http://ronpaul.meetup.com/295/

Hartford http://ronpaul.meetup.com/482/

Hartford Students http://ronpaul.meetup.com/1041/

Hartford Street Action (in West Hartford) http://ronpaul.meetup.com/963/

Middlesex http://ronpaul.meetup.com/769/

New Haven http://ronpaul.meetup.com/481/

Western CT/New York http://ronpaul.meetup.com/49/

Danbury http://ronpaul.meetup.com/384/

Fairfield http://ronpaul.meetup.com/150/


This is perfect timing! They want to interview Paul supporters for a segment Monday morning, just in time for Super Tuesday.

However, it also gives us the perfect opportunity to tell them about our march at noon on the Federal Reserve & money bomb, and hype the rally on Saturday.

Hopefully this will translate into making the news Friday, Saturday, AND Monday!

If you're in GA, please come to the HQ in historic downtown Alpharetta briefly at 10 AM, then head down to Piedmont Park for the noon march.

See the Atlanta Meetup group website for details on both, at:


Ron Paul rally at the state Capitol on Saturday

Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 10:31 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Just in case things start moving too fast, allow us to go ahead and tell you that the Republican campaign of Ron Paul has got a state Capitol rally planned for noon Saturday, Groundhog Day.

Participants include Rand Paul, son of the candidate, and the Ron Paul blimp. Plus many Georgia libertarians, including Garrett Michael Hayes. Music will be provided.

The Paul event conflicts with the Saturday gathering of the Georgia Christian Alliance, another Republican-oriented activity leading up to Super Tuesday. But somehow, we don’t think they’ll draw from the same pool of voters.

Rand Paul in Atlanta on Saturday!

Feb 02
Rand Paul at Ron Paul Rally
Atlanta, Georgia
12:30 PM ET

Delegate Information

If anyone needs this information see the link below. Easy step by step of the process.

Since Georgia is a convention state, its imperative we get as many Ron Paul people in place to vote for each other.



57 Delegates Up For Grabs On February 5th

Each of the State's 19 congressional districts is assigned 2 to 4 National Convention delegates.

Most of the Chicago/Cook County districts have fewer delegates to win than the more rural districts.

What is the official campaign's strategy? Are they focusing efforts in delegate rich districts? Or carpet-boming the whole state? Should we be trying to coordinate our canvassing efforts with them to make it more likely for some district wins?

CD 1: 2
CD 2: 2
CD 3: 2
CD 4: 2
CD 5: 2
CD 6: 3
CD 7: 2
CD 8: 3
CD 9: 2
CD 10: 3
CD 11: 4
CD 12: 3
CD 13: 4
CD 14: 4
CD 15: 4
CD 16: 4
CD 17: 3
CD 18: 4
CD 19: 4

Here is a map of the Congressional Districts.


The delegates are on the ballot and Ron Paul's name is in parenthesis. You can get a copy of the ballot, I think from your county website, otherwise contact IL HQ


2008 Mass GOP delegates Page


General Guidelines and Information for Potential Delegates to the Convention

Primary Election:

Caucus Date:

February 5, 2008

April 5, 2008

Total number of Delegates and Alternate Delegates:

* 3 Automatic Delegates: State Party Chair, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman (No alternates for these delegates)

10 Delegates and 10 Alternate Delegates At-Large

30 District Delegates and 30 District Alternate Delegates

(3 delegates and 3 alternates from each congressional district)

Primary Election and Selection of Delegates

Massachusetts is a proportional state with delegates going to candidates receiving 15% of the Net Republican Vote. By state law, the presidential candidate's name is the only name that appears on the primary ballot. Presidential candidates receiving 15% of the net Republican Primary vote will receive a corresponding percentage of the overall delegates to the Convention, both at-large and district, as well as their alternates.

Massachusetts law and the Massachusetts Republican Party and Republican National Committee rules provide no automatic role for officeholders at the convention.

Who may be a delegate?

Caucuses are open to all enrolled Republicans, registered and resident of the district by February 13, 2008. Candidates for delegate, although they need not be present at the caucus, must be enrolled Republicans registered and resident of the district. Delegates and delegates at-large must pledge their support to the presidential candidate entitled to the delegate.

How does the election process work?

District delegates and alternate delegates will be elected at caucuses in each of the congressional districts within 60 days of the primary. The 2008 caucus will be held on April 5, 2008. Caucus Notices will be mailed to all town/city/ward committee members, announcing caucus locations. In addition, notices of the call for any such caucus, meeting, or convention shall be published in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation in the county, district, or state, as the case may be, not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date of such caucus, meeting, or convention.

The following describes the process for selecting delegates:

If unable to attend the caucus meeting, a candidate may express in writing his or her willingness to serve if elected.

Those candidates for delegate who are present may nominate themselves, and if seconded, the caucus chairman will add the nominee's name to a list of contenders.

After nominations are closed, each candidate will have three minutes to speak and answer questions. Nominees will speak in alphabetical order.

The caucus chairman will provide caucus participants with paper ballots. The highest vote getter for each Republican candidate qualifying for a delegate(s) will win.

After delegates are selected, the same procedure shall be repeated for the election of alternate delegates.

Within 45 days of the congressional district caucuses, the Republican State Committee's Executive Committee shall meet to elect the 10 delegates at-large. Delegates at-large and alternate delegates at-large must be enrolled Republicans resident of Massachusetts and must pledge their support to the presidential candidate entitled to the delegate.

National Convention

All delegates are required by Massachusetts law to reflect the preference expressed by the voters at the Massachusetts Presidential Primary. All delegates and alternate delegates are responsible for their delegate fee, transportation and accommodation.

The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held September 1, 2008 – September 4, 2008 in Minneapolis, MN. For further information, please contact:

Massachusetts Republican Party

85 Merrimac Street, Suite 400

Boston, MA 02114

(617) 523-5005


01-31-2008, 11:23 AM

Ron Paul TV and Radio Ads Run in Minnesota
“Ron Paul is the only Republican committed to win Minnesota”

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Republican Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul begins to run television and radio ads in Minnesota today. The ads will run focusing on the economy and Ron Paul’s unmatched Republican record.

“Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate committed to win Minnesota,” says Ron Paul Minnesota State Coordinator, Marianne Stebbins. “The other candidates are not interested in Minnesota as demonstrated by their lack of organization, time, and money spent in the state.”

Ron Paul is the only Republican with a Minnesota office. Minnesota is a target state for the Ron Paul Campaign. With eight days until the February 5 Republican caucus, Minnesotans can expect more from the Ron Paul campaign.

“We have the numbers and organization statewide to compete in Minnesota,” says Stebbins. “We plan on surprising many people on February 5.”

Caucus Delegates Question

I've been muddling through other caucus threads provided by others and still don't have a definitive idea of the answer to this question: how do we know what delegates to vote for at the caucus? Is there going to be some obvious way Ron Paul delegates will stand up and identify themselves?

The process is confusing enough as it is, and I definitely don't want to end up accidentally voting for delegates for any of the others. Anyone out there with experience in past MN caucuses, please help answer this. It would be much appreciated.


The precinct captain for your area will contact all the known supporters
(this is why it is VITAL that everyone goes to http://www.ronpaul2008.com/join and signs up.

If you want to find out if your area has a precinct captain yet, call the MN HQ
at 612-886-1990. We will let you know if there is one, and if not, you can volunteer to be it.


Okay, I think I've gotten the answer to my question from a mix of responses and online research. For anybody wondering the same:

Delegates should be known beforehand and given to us by precinct leaders (if there is one for the area).

Hopefully, in areas without precinct leaders and with lots of rogue grassroots supporters, some of our guys will just openly volunteer themselves at the caucus. It would suck to have a caucus half full of Ron Paul supporters, without them knowing who the delegates are.

At least, I'm assuming a person can just volunteer to be a delegate at the caucus if that's what it takes, provided the GOP has no other requirements for delegate eligibility besides the usual "eligible voter" standard?


yes, you make it known at the caucus that you would like to be a considered to be a delegate.

FIND OUT how many delegates your precinct gets. Try to get as many RP supporters to your caucus as you can to come with you in your precinct to volunteer to be a delegate. My little precinct will have 7! I was amazed at that number!

Minnesota in Final Stages - HELP NEEDED

Howdy folks,

We are in the endgame now in MN. We need people to help canvass, especially this weekend. I cannot stress this enough.
Next week, we will need office volunteers to make calls, take calls.
Our caucus is in a week and a half.

Call the MN campaign HQ to volunteer between 11-7. (likely open longer soon).


Thanks for your support!!


Missouri House Committees Pass Restrictive Ballot Access Bill


Missouri House Committees Pass Restrictive Ballot Access Bill
January 31st, 2008
On January 23, the Missouri House Urban Education Reform Committee passed HB 1310. On January 30, the Missouri House Rules Committee also passed it. It requires independent candidates, for all office, to file a declaration of candidacy in March of election years.

Since the bill does not exempt presidential independents, it is unconstitutional under both Anderson v Celebrezze, 460 US 780, and McCarthy v Kirkpatrick, 420 F Supp 366 (a 1976 Missouri federal court decision). If you live in Missouri, please contact your legislators (especially your State Senator) and oppose this bill.

Ron Paul's name is first on the Missouri primary ballot!!!


I saw a thread on here that said that Ron Paul's name was also randomly chosen to be on the top of the primary ballot in Virginia.

Urgent: Missouri Absentee Voters


Be sure to request your absentee ballot to be for the Republican Primary by the 9th of January. START TOMORROW TO BE SURE.

If you have been voting absentee for any other party, they will not send you the Republican ballot if you don't change your request.

If you won't be voting absentee, just make sure you are registered by the 9th, and disregard the notice about party affiliation....just request a Republican Ballot.

Note: This is true for Laclede County at the very least.

People this affects: Missouri residents in the millitary, college, overseas, people constantly travelling outside of their area, etc.

If you can't make it to your county office in person, go to this website and get moving to update your info!!!!!


Open Primary, Independents can vote in Primary, correct?

I have a family member in MO that is registered Independent, but wants to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. But will not register as part of a party.

So, can a Missouri person on the forum confirm for me for sure that She, registered as an "Independent" can vote in the primary? If not, what are her options, other than registered republican? Is there an Unaffiliated option in MO?

Thanks in advance.


Missouri's open primary means you just have to be registered to vote in the state in order to vote in the Republican primary. Tell your family member that RP will be easy to find on the ballot -- he won the drawing for the first spot.


Montana members --- are we on top of this?


HELENA, Mont. - Supporters of long-shot presidential hopeful Ron Paul say the Montana Republican Party's quirky caucus rules could create an opening for their candidate that other states don't offer.

Under the "closed caucus" system recently adopted by the Montana GOP, voting in the Feb. 5 caucus will be limited to about 3,000 Republicans who hold party posts, such as members of Congress, statewide officeholders and precinct captains. That includes hundreds of volunteer precinct posts that have long been vacant and that some candidates are now scrambling to fill with supporters.

Click article above for full story.


New Jersey

Sabrin Campaign looking for volunteers


As we are starting to wind up for our campaign for Senate, we are looking to compile a list of campaign volunteers to help with the various daily needs.

If you are able to help, please contact me at Joe@murraysabrin.com with your information so I can please add it to our mailing list.

Thank You,

J. Douglas Fisher, Volunteer Coordinator,

New York

Ron Paul to be first on list of candidates on the NY ballot

"A random drawing set the order in which candidates names will appear on the ballot. It was to be: Ron Paul on top, followed by Keyes, Hunter, Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Thompson."

Federal Court Lets New York Keep Old-Fashioned Mechanical Voting Machines Until 2009


Federal Court Lets New York Keep Old-Fashioned Mechanical Voting Machines Until 2009
January 16th, 2008
On January 16, a U.S. District Court in Albany, New York, approved a settlement in U.S. v New York State Board of Elections. Under the settlement, New York can continue to use mechanical voting machines until 2009 (even though federal law says there are illegal). However, the state will provide a separate type of device this year, in each precinct, for voters who cannot use the mechanical machines, particularly blind voters. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.

North Dakota

Republican Ron Paul planning ND trip


Republican Ron Paul planning ND trip
Jan 29 2008 3:52PM
Associated Press
Bismarck, N.D. (AP) Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is planning a campaign trip to North Dakota on Monday. It's the day before the state's presidential preference caucuses.

Paul is a medical doctor and a conservative Texas congressman.

He's run for president before on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Paul supporters have said he's going to be speaking at Bismarck State College. But Paul's state coordinator says today that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Charlene Nelson says Paul is supposed to be in North Dakota on Monday but the times and places of his appearances haven't been firmed up.

North Dakota, Minnesota and more than 20 other states are holding presidential preference primaries and caucuses next Tuesday.

North Dakota Republican Party Rules 2008


Rule 21 – Presidential Caucus Rules

1. The statewide caucus results will provide for a proportional vote of the National Convention Delegates on the first ballot; i.e., a candidate receiving 40% of the statewide caucus vote would receive 40% of the convention delegate votes on the first ballot. A candidate must receive at least 15% of the total ballots cast to be eligible to receive any of North Dakota’s National Convention Delegates. .If a 2008 Presidential Caucus candidate receives more than two-thirds of the total statewide votes cast during the 2008 North Dakota Presidential Caucus, that candidate receives all of North Dakota’s National Convention Delegates.

2. The 2008 Presidential Caucus will be held for each district on February 5, 2008 at 6:30 PM local time. The polls shall be open for a period of 90 minutes.

3. There will be at least one voting site for each district and there can be as many for a district as needed. The District Executive Committee will be directed to choose the site or sites. These selections of additional sites must be completed by December 31, 2007.

4. Notice of the Presidential Caucus date, time and site shall be given in the same manner as provided for the precinct caucus in Section 16.1-03-01 of the North Dakota Century Code. – Please note you must place an ad in the county newspaper for ever county in your district.

5. The District Chairman of each district shall appoint a District Presidential Caucus Chairman on or before December 1, 2007, and notify the Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party of that person’s name, address and phone number, fax number (if applicable) and email (if applicable).

6. The District Presidential Caucus Chair, in consultation with the District Chairman and the District Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairman for each voting site for the district. This appointment must be made by January 15, 2008 and must be reported to the Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party.

7. The District Executive Committee shall determine the number and place of the voting sites for the District on or before December 31, 2007.

8. The ballot for the Presidential Caucus shall contain the names of all announced Republican Presidential candidates as of January 1, 2008 as stated by the Republican National Committee and/or the Federal Election Commission.

9. The ballot shall be prepared by Republican State Headquarters and copies provided to each District. Each District shall make as many copies as are needed

Rule 21 – Presidential Caucus Rules
Page 2

in the District. Each ballot must be initialed by the Chairman of the Presidential
Caucus Voting Site to be valid and counted.

10. Persons who are eligible to vote in North Dakota and who either voted or affiliated with the Republican Party at the 2006 General Election or intend to vote or affiliate with the Republican Party at the 2008 General Election shall be entitled to vote at the 2008 Presidential Caucus.

11. Each person may vote for only one candidate on the ballot, and any ballot voted for more than one candidate will be void. An elector in a District may vote at any site for the District, but may only cast one vote.

12. Each District shall report their results to Republican State Headquarters by 10:00PM Central Standard Time of the day of the caucus. A District with more than one voting site shall compile their total District vote prior to calling in to Republican State Headquarters.

13. Voting by absentee ballot shall not be allowed.

14. Candidates or their representatives wishing to speak at a caucus shall be allowed an equal amount of time as determined by the Caucus Chairman.

Fargo & North Dakota Residents Feb. 5th, 2008 Information. Important!

OTE: If you are a ND resident but not a Fargo resident this information still applies to you. Only the location of your caucus will be different. The procedure is the same.

Ok, so here's the deal. I'll be quite honest, February 5th is our election day. If we fail, we will suffer the consequences. The momentum that the Ron Paul campaign has established and maintained for so many months depends on a great showing of support on this day in order to keep it going. It is "crunch time."

Everything you need to know, or must do is below. Let's make sure there are no "coulda, woulda, shoulda's after Feb. 5th, 2008.

Fargo Residents ONLY
Caucus will be held at:
Ramada Plaza Suites
1635 42nd St S
Fargo, ND 58103
Phone: 701-277-9000

Ramada Plaza Suites will be host the precinct caucus for ALL Fargo residents. There you will simply cast your vote for Ron Paul. IT IS really that simple. It is very important that we get as many people as we can to cast their vote for presidential preference in Ron Paul's favor. That is it. GO VOTE FOR RON PAUL to determine which candidate ND supports for the Republican nomination.

For those of you you who which to attend the ND Republican Convention in the Fargo you simply need to submit an application to attend. The ND GOP convention is taking place on Friday, March 28, 2008 thru Sunday, March 30, 2008. Applications will be available after January 1st. 1,200-1,500 people will be allowed to attend the ND State Convention in Fargo. When the application is available we will make it available to you. If you submit an application to attend, you will most likely be invited to attend. So as soon as the application is available, fill it out and send it in.

For those of you who wish to be ND delgates for Ron Paul at the National Republican Convention in the Twin Cities I would encourage you all to sign up to volunteer on the NDGOP website, and donate some money if you can.

LINK: Sign up!

There is a separate application that you will need to sumbit that states your interest in becoming a delegate at the Republican National Convention. When it is available, we will make it available to you ASAP.

Delegates are not voted on by the people at the State Convention, they are selected by a panel which considers applications by three criteria.
1) Money Donated to NDGOP
2) Amount of volunteering for the NDGOP
3) Previous participation in the State & National Conventions.

The panel's selections are expected to be announced at the ND State Convention in Fargo.

Number 1:
Go vote for Ron Paul at the Ramada in Fargo on February 5th

Number 2:
Submit you application to attend the ND Republican Convention in Fargo on March 28-30

Number 3:
If you wish to be a delegate at the National Convention in St. Paul on September 1-4, 2008, sign up to volunteer for the NDGOP at the link above, donate money to the NDGOP, and have your application submitted ASAP.

If you have not been involved in the party, don't worry, they are looking for new people...and being new is a positive thing. Participation in politics in ND has been declining according to sources within the party. They are eager to embrace new help, and new help is rewarded. So get involved!

Fire up! We can take ND.


Countdown to Super Tuesday

This is a bit of a test run because we are still getting confirmations back on our new Oklahoma Ron Paul Newsletter. Share this link with all of your Ron Paul friends to sign up http://rpnewsletter.dreamhosters.com (it is free!).

The time is so short that we wanted go ahead and encourage everyone to walk/phone call their precinct this weekend. Hand out slim jims/flyers door to door and visit with your friends and neighbors about Ron Paul. Personal recommendations are the very best way to win people over!

Remember to vote for Ron Paul and win a free country!

If you find/convert a Ron Paul supporter be sure to collect email and phone information so you can stay in touch and get them to the meetings and to vote.

Invite them to the Jan 29th precinct meeting and make sure to remind them about the importance of the delegate process to nominate Ron Paul for President! For more information on this process visit: http://www.ronpaulok.org/beadelegate.html

http://www.ronpaulok.org/ for general information about our Oklahoma efforts

Personal note: A lot of people at this point in the process start talking about who has the best chance to win. Please keep in mind here that the primary is about selecting the best person to represent us in the general election. I believe with all my heart that we have been given a rare opportunity to elect a man of principle who will help us return the nation to fiscal restraint and constitutional guidelines. He has lived his message for over 30 years in Congress. He is the only person I know to have gone into the belly of the beast and never ever vote for a tax increase. Please join me in recruiting Ron Paul Republicans to Restore the Republic and stay tuned for important messages on how you can help!
Your first challenge is to find 5-10 more people who will go with you to your precinct meeting on Jan 29th and vote for Ron Paul on Feb 5th also! Call them, remind them, pick them up and take them with you. It is important!

Because of the media blackout, we must do this person to person.
Isn’t that how it should be anyway?!!

Oklahoma Volunteers for Ron Paul
Sandie Crosnoe
Brady Wright

And now a word from one of our sponsors (a portion of what is raised from these great calendars goes back into our Oklahoma efforts):


Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate to Fill All Delegate Positions in Tenneessee

Sunday afternoon, I received an email from one of the local Ron Paul Meetup coordinators. According to the campaign’s state coordinator, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who filled all of the delegate positions in Tennessee. In all nine districts in TN he has at least three delegates, the full amount of at-large delegates overall, and more than enough alternative delegates.

Each candidate should have three delegates per district, and a minimum of twelve at-large delegates, for a total of thirty-nine.

Of the other candidates, Fred Thompson did the best; he’s only short two delegates in one district.


Is Utah Winner Take All?


Nope, Utah divides up its delegates.
source: http://ydems.blogspot.com/2008/01/ut...ey-matter.html

Basin residents back Ron Paul

Basin residents back Ron Paul
Texas congressman is the most 'honest' candidate in presidential race, Jeremy Libertarian says
Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff
Article Launched: 01/25/2008 03:58:40 PM MST

Jeremy Ranch resident Gary Shumway posts a campaign sign Thursday in Silver Creek for...
By far the most honest candidate seeking the presidency is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, say members of the local Libertarian Party.
"Compared to the competition, I think, hands down, that Ron Paul is certainly the most honest politician that we have running," said Jeremy Ranch resident Gary Shumway, who campaigned for a seat in the Utah Statehouse in 2006.

Shumway criticized others vying in the Republican primary as a "flip-flopper," a supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants and, in Rudy Giuliani's case, "a joke."

"It certainly looks like it's winding down to be between (John) McCain and (Mitt) Romney, and of course, Ron Paul is hanging in there," Shumway said. "Romney has flip-flopped back and forth. It's amazing what epiphanies he gets when certain things change."

Speaking about McCain, Shumway said, "it's interesting how he is trying to now paint himself as wishing to close the borders; yet, [McCain] was in bed with Chappaquiddick (Ted) Kennedy, along with (President) Bush, in trying to pass the amnesty bill several times."

"These politicians constantly go with the verbiage, but you've got to look at their actions. What Ron Paul says, he does," Shumway said. "He walks his talk and these other guys do not."

Shumway recently helped post about 100 Ron Paul campaign signs in Summit, Wasatch and Morgan counties. Paul has been criticized because of some who endorsed his campaign who are tied to racism and 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

"A candidate cannot tell a group of people not to support him," Shumway said. "[Paul] has repudiated racism, he has repudiated white supremacy, he has said that the 9/11 (conspirators) are certainly not where his mind is."

"In a true Democracy, in a free country, you do have these splinter groups," Shumway said. "It's either that, or everybody is in the same pot."

Democratic and Republican voters in Utah go to the polls Feb. 5 to help choose presidential nominees for the November general election.

Voters must be at least 18 years old by the day of the primary, and they must have lived in Utah for at least 30 days to be eligible to register to vote. Early voting began Tuesday and ends Feb. 1. The last day to register to vote in person is Jan. 29.

Voters are not required to register as Democrats to vote in the primary. They can be someone who is not affiliated with a political party. People who go to the polls can vote in one party's primary, and the only item on the ballot is the presidential contest. Republicans and Democrats are organizing their primaries differently, with the GOP more strictly regulating who can vote.

If someone wants to vote in the Republican primary, they must be registered in the party before they go to the ballots and declare themselves a member of the GOP at the polls.

For more information, call Summit County Clerk Kent Jones. From the West Side his number is 615-3203. From North Summit, the number is 336-3203. People in South Summit can call 783-4451, extension 3203. Additional information is available on the County Clerk's section of Summit County's Web site, http://www.summitcounty.org/clerk/elections.html.

Official: Ron Paul Precinct Captains Needed for all Utah Counties

HQ is offering a way for us to make a real impact: becoming an official Ron Paul Precinct Captain.

Apparently, I'm the only one registered in the entire Salt Lake County!

This is probably THE best way to get involved--this will allow us to methodically get our message across to voters all across the state, person-to-person, and to identify every Ron Paul supporter and make sure they get to vote on Election Day!

This is a big responsibility, but if you accept it, please visit:
(My email will appear as a reference. Please keep it in there so I know how effective these posts are)

How to Become a Delegate in Utah

1a. Make sure you're registered Republican
URGENT: This must be accomplished immediately. If you're not registered Republican you need to have your voter registration AT the Salt Lake County Clerks no later than January 6th!

1b. Find out which Precinct you're in:

* Go here: https://secure.slco.org/cl/elections/index.cfm
* Enter your address
* Click "My Polling Locations"
* ((While you're here, double check that you're registered! You may have to call the Election Division at (801) 468-3427 to make sure you're actually registered Republican.))

2. Find out who's your Precinct Chair:

* If you're in Salt Lake County, send an email to Randy O'Hara, the Salt Lake County Political Director for the Utah GOP: randyohara@yahoo.com
It took me 3 weeks to finally get a hold of Randy. Don't give up. If you can't get a hold of him, contact someone else in the SL County GOP. Contact info here: http://slcogop.com/contact/
* If you're in another county, call the Utah GOP at 801-533-9777 and find out the coordinator for your county.
* Make sure you include your Precinct number when you email them.
* Ask for contact information for your Precinct Chair and location of your Precinct's Caucus on March 25th.
* ((If your Precinct has no Chair, you should volunteer for the job!))

3a. Vote in the Republican Primary on February 5th.

* Canvas, canvas, canvas!
* Delegates are distributed to Precincts by the Utah GOP based on the number of voters in your Precinct.
* The more people who vote in your Precinct, the more delegates your Precinct will get for the State Convention.

3b. Absentee Voting

* If your neighbors can't or won't attend the Primary, get them to vote absentee.
* Take this form with you when you canvas: http://www.clerk.slco.org/pdf/08_WPP...PLICATION1.pdf
* Have the Absentee Ballot mailed to your home. When you receive the Ballot, go back to your neighbor and have them fill it out.
* Bring a stamp with you, and drop it in the mail for them!

4. Show up to the Neighborhood Caucus on March 25th and get elected.

* You must be elected at the Caucus to be a delegate.
* Here's where your canvasing will pay off!
* Bring about 10-15 people with you (who live in your Precinct) to the Caucus meeting so they can vote for you.

5. Attend the State Convention May 10th
The State Convention is at Utah Valley State College (Now Utah Valley University), in Orem.

6. Attend the National Convention September 1 - 4
If you're elected to represent Utah at the state convention, you'll be attending the National Convention in Minneapolis, MN. This is a 4-day convention and you must be prepared to attend all 4 days.

West Virginia

WV R ballot: Giuliani, McCain, Paul, Romney and Jerry Curry (Huckabee uncertain)


[If it's true that Huckabee is not on the ballot, and he wouldn't want the state to go to Romney or McCain, then our local activists need to reach out to the Huckabee--and Thompson--people vigorously! We need to build our own coalitions like they used against us in LA.]

West Virginia Presidential Primary
January 28th, 2008
Filing closed on January 26, Saturday evening, for the West Virginia presidential primary. Candidates needed a fee of $2,500, but no petition.

The Democratic ballot will list only Clinton, Edwards and Obama. This is the least crowded Democratic presidential primary ballot of any state so far. Of course, that is because most of the Democrats running for president had already dropped out.

The Republican ballot will list Jerry Curry of Haymarket, Virginia; and the expected Giuliani, McCain, Paul and Romney. The West Virginia primary is in May. Although Mike Huckabee hasn’t filed yet, if he mailed his check with a January 26 postmark, he can still qualify.

The Mountain Party is ballot-qualified and could have had its own presidential primary, but it chose not to. It is the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party.

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