View Full Version : A debate breakthrough scenario:

01-30-2008, 11:14 PM
Stephen Fairfax writes: "I would like to see Dr. Paul be a bit more aggressive. During a previous debate, when 5 war-mongering blowhards were pontificating about our health care system, I wanted him to seize the microphone and remind everyone that he was the only one on the stage with an MD, the only one who had run a medical practice, and the only one to see and feel first-hand the destructive effects of government interference in medical care decisions.

"Similarly on warfare and patriotism, he should use his service record as blatantly as McCain. Romney and Huckabee have to shut up on that one.

"His politeness and good nature are wonderful traits, but he has chosen to wrestle with pigs, and to succeed in that endeavor one must occasionally grapple in the mud.

"I also think it is high time he stops putting up with being shortchanged on time. With only 4 men on the stage the tactic grows more obvious. He should interrupt, jump in, disagree, make points, and ask questions that will make the others squirm."

Ron Paul's response to an absurd question at the beginning of the last debate "was brilliant and effective: 'May I please join in the substantive debate?' It's time to stop asking permission. He's been invited. Fair is fair. That should play well."

lolz... zero for three??