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01-30-2008, 11:09 PM
" In the months and the years that followed, our experience in Lebanon led to the adoption by the administration of a set of principles to guide America in the application of military force abroad, and I would recommend it to future presidents. The policy we adopted included these principles:

1. The United States should not commit its forces to military action overseas unless the cause is vital to our national interest.

2. If the decision is made to commit our forces to combat abroad, it must be done with clear intent and support needed to win. It should not be a halfway or tentative commitment, and there must be a clearly defined and realistic objectives.

3. Before we commit our troops to combat, there must be reasonable assurance that the cause we are fighting for and the actions we take will have the support of the American people and Congress.( We felt that the Vietnam War had turned into such a tragedy because military action had been undertaken without sufficient assurances that the American people were behind it.)

4. Even after all these other test are met, our troops should be commited to combat abroad only as a last resort, when no other choice is available."

They all give lip service to President Reagan and the Constitution, but Dr. Paul is the only one that beilieves in following their advice

01-30-2008, 11:12 PM
I love Reagan

01-30-2008, 11:52 PM
The one thing that I have been SCREAMING in my writings at NolanChart and on these forums is that RP has not been well coached in most of these debates.

If he would hammer these guys on the fact that Reagan was adamatly opposed to this idea of nation building, they would feel compelled to quit talking about Reagan this and Reagan that ... all of his speeches and writings ... the 1964 Goldwater speech ... "We occupy No countries ..."

Secondly, point out the fact that this is really just big government at work ... filled with the same boondoggles and boomerang effects as the rest of it.

Do we really believe that after Washington politicians have inadvertantly killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, systematicly destroyed the infrastructure of the most secular and cosmpolitian country in the Middle East, they will now throw flowers at our feet and embrace us as their noble savoiurs?

(He did hit this one but not as directly as I would have liked) ... How is it "conservative" or even "American" to borrow money from the communists to repeatedly go around the world deciding which countries are run by the wrong group of thugs? What you call "democracy" the rest of us call tryranny.

You quickly forget Washington's foriegn policy failures, yet the people who have had to live under these brutal regimes proped up by your policies never forget.

I digress ..