View Full Version : So who is the one passing info out in Rockport?

01-30-2008, 07:49 PM
I came into work today and my co-worker said "I found this under my door and thought you would be interested." He is from New York but is not registered. He does not vote but i talk about politics sometimes at work when the subject comes up. He knows i am a RP supporter so he thought i would like the packet of slim jims and the page with our founding fathers on it that warned of the things to come and have come. I looked over them just because I love that stuff. I then passed it on to another co-worker who is registered in PA. I think i am the only person in the office that is going to vote in a primary or caucus. They wanted me to go down to Bath Saturday in the early in the morning until the afternoon but i told them they could send me anywhere but i will not be showing up. They could court-martial me or whatever but im getting my butt to that caucus.