View Full Version : An email to the campaign about tonights debate and today's email (from the campaign)

A Ron Paul Rebel
01-30-2008, 04:49 PM
Here's an email that I sent to some 'higher-ups' in the campaigne this morning.


Dear ****

Three quick points:

1) Ask Dr. Paul to stand strong at the debate tonight.
From what I see, 'getting mad' isn't the approach tonight
(as before), but rather 'standing tall' and not getting
pushed around by anyone... especially the other candidates.

Please ask Dr. Paul to call the candidates on their flips and
confront them on their accusations against him (when they come)!
...even the 'chuckles'!


2) Today's email was inspiring and brilliant! I loved it and so did
many revolutionaries. But how about the large percentage of
'non-revolutionaries' that subscribe to ronpaul2008.com?

Please welcome that demographic to the site, to the campaigne
and then to the revolution... Provide the transitional knowledge
that will allow the non-revolutionists and newbies to not only
understand the importance of what is going on here but to
get them to join the efforts.

3) As I previously mentioned in Concord, N.H. on the 8th, we
have many things in the works that will unite tens-of-millions
before September. More on that later.

Your friend and ally,

p.s. We may have also found a crack in the media-blackout.


What do you think?

I've been around long enough, talked with enough people
and have earned my 'badges' in the grassroots to where
my insights have been recognized and respected... as far
as I can tell. :)

We should see a fresh, new side of Dr. Paul tonight.