View Full Version : If Dr. Paul doesn't get the nomination...

01-30-2008, 12:57 AM
Leave Republican Party en masse. We can't save it anymore. Dr. Paul's been a Republican party for 20 years, and they have not batted an eyelash at him. (they are now since he's gaining so many followers)

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when they were talking about "oh wow the Republican party's members are growing."

Well NOW we are going to turn it around on the Republican party. We are going to make a stand, a huge point - we will NOT vote for the Republican party anymore... and not only that, we are not coming back. We are splitting off into a third party, doesn't matter which one libertarian or constitutional (whichever one Dr. Paul is the candidate of) and the GOP will most likely lose 5-10% of its member base within days.

That's what we must plan out - a massive exodus from the GOP - to prove one point - the RON PAUL REVOLUTION will not go away!!!!