View Full Version : Thank you MSM!!

01-29-2008, 11:40 PM
Thank you for completely destroying the candidacy of Mr. Giulliani.

You made it such a gamble for Rudy, it was either he wins or he is out and even if he came in second it would have destroyed him.

Rudy didn't put all the eggs in the Florida basket, he just couldn't win anywhere else.

As the great master said:

"So, while the media will focus on the results from Florida, and probably take down the campaign of my friend Rudy in the process, those results are less important to you and me. Let them fight in Florida while we bring our message to Americans in other areas, like the economically hard-hit state of Maine."
-- Ron Paul

I don't think Ron spent 1 dime of our hard earned money here in Florida.

Amazing Amazing

01-29-2008, 11:45 PM
Yup and we need to keep our smart man Ron Paul funded and stop going off thinking we can fund 600k floating billboards that didn't accomplish anything but a floating billboard......

Lets stay on track and give the man who knows what he is doing ALL THE MONEY he needs and let him decide where it should be spent.

I think a 70+ year old politician with ethics and morals might know a few tricks to get into the white house and we need to give him ALL the money we can to make sure he can accomplish it.

My point in this, stop with brand new grassroots efforts that use money to pay peoples salaries like they did with the blimp and everyone getting 2k a month for doing it.

Lets use the next 600k we think we want to throw at a grassroots effort and then give it to ron paul.

His campaign did great in nevada using their strategies, we flew a blimp over florida for a month and got 3%....... see my point?

good intentions do not always end in a win so lets stay focused and keep the man funded.