View Full Version : Idea To Greatly Increase Support For Ron Paul and get his message out

01-29-2008, 10:09 PM
There are many great videos on this website regarding Ron Paul and videos exposing the other candidates on their issues and etc... I think it would be a great idea for us grassroots people to post the video link on blogs and forums on the other candidates topic sites.

For example, that video with McCain and Miss America or whatever she is, that makes McCain look like a fool --- we should scour the Internet for sites that support McCain and post the video link there. But do it in a clever manner so they don't know it's exposing McCain for who he is. The title and body in the post could read something like "Have You Seen This Video of McCain? It's Shocking! Is it true?" or something like this so they won't think you are a Ron Paul supporter and ban you (at least right away) and have the link. That's it! So when his supporters click on the video and start watching it, it can accomplish two things:

1 - It will expose the other candidates for who they really are

2 - It will give many people exposure to Ron Paul and his message

We can do this with the great audio on the Romney Interview, Huckabee Videos and etc...

But remember to keep the posts simple and to the point and NOT mention Ron Paul or any negative comments within the posts so their supporters will click on the links.

So with our combined grassroots dedication and numbers, we can post to thousands of blogs/forums out there and get many potential people coming out to support Ron Paul! Plus it doesn't cost anything!

Be sure to get the word out to other supporters on this idea so we can get thousands of posts up before Super Tuesday. Good luck to you all and GO RON PAUL!!!