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01-29-2008, 09:25 PM
Borrowed this list (modified a bit) from the Huck forum (I spy w/my little eye)- something our own grassroots should be doing as well w/letter writing, emailing (if email address is public), polite phone calls, etc. We should organize this by state- maybe divvy out the lists to the state meetups or precinct captains? And add on to the list as well.

Home Schools
Christian Schools (primary and colleges)
Christian Groups on Campuses
Veteran Groups
Hunting/Gun Clubs
Trucking Co.
Family Services
Small Business'
Minute Men
Young Republicans
Jewish Republicans
ProLife Groups
Alternative Energy Groups
Military Bases
Chamber of Commerce
Retiree/Senior Groups
Dr. Offices- remember our own good Dr!
Financial professionals & organizations
Small Businesses