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Ron Paul Roundup (01-29-08)
by RS Davis (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=194780914&blogID=352794865&Mytoken=FA1F0014-5CD1-43CC-81328BDCBC0EE8D913775488)

Hello Freedomphiles! I'm looking through my big stack of stuff and it seems a lot of the Ron Paul coverage in the last 24 hours has been through letters to the editor. I think this is a good strategy, and we should all write a couple a day.

In non-letter affairs, TransWorldNews is wondering (http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=34672&cat=5) why Ron Paul is left out of the media coverage:

Despite his slowly improving in the polls, Paul still has not been a focus for the media, which would usually jump on the chance to talk about a dissenting member of one political party. The media uses the excuse that Paul is not a top tier candidate and their budgets for election coverage is based on which candidates offer more appeal to the voters and require more of their resources to properly cover. From showing of one and two percent in polls conducted at the beginning of the race, Paul has attracted attention of roughly five percent of the expected GOP voters nationally.

According to poll results published at usaelectionpolls.com, Paul is at six percent in Florida, which is being led by John McCain at 30 percent and Mitt Romney's 28 percent. Rudy Giuliani had placed all of his election eggs in the Florida basket has dropped to 18 percent in the state.

Despite his successful fundraising efforts, a slight improvement in the polls and continued appearances at many Republican events, Paul is still largely left out of news coverage and wondering if the public had any chance to get to know him.

Now, don't expect Ron Paul to do amazing in Florida. It's a closed primary, so only Republicans can vote, which leaves out a significant portion of his support. What we should be looking for in Florida is a dismal performance by Guiliani - dismal enough to knock him out of the race. That is the victory we want in Florida. If Ron Paul gets five percent of the vote and Guiliani goes home, we have a win.

TransworldNews also wrote (http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=34681&cat=5) about Ron Paul being a thorn in the side of establishment Republicans:

Despite being ignored by the national media, Texas Representative continues to be a force in the Republican campaign for the nomination for president. Having come in second in Nevada, he holds onto six delegates in the race and continues to attract attention from a grass roots effort based on the internet. He holds the honor of receiving the most money in the fourth quarter and received over a million dollars in one day through internet donations.

With Florida residents claiming their primary concern is the economy, Paul's continued call for a small federal government with lower taxes and less spending is resonating with many voters in the state. While Mitt Romney continues to talk about his business experience and being able to help balance the federal budget and John McCain talking about his experience with foreign policy, voters are being torn between the two candidates.

Well, hopefully they are right and Ron Paul will end up pulliing between 7-15%. Still, I stand by my earlier assessment. David Weigel gets a sense of perspective (http://www.reason.com/blog/show/124658.html) over at Reason:

[Self-identified] Libertarian Democrat Markos Moulitsas asks where just-plain-libertarians—like the editors and readers of this magazine—are on FISA.

Here we are engaged in a huge civil liberties issue, and progressives are being forced to fight this thing alone. It's easy to talk about "liberty". It's much more impressive to actually do something about it.

Reason has been on the FISA beat for a while, but Moulitsas is right: the hated Orange Line Mafia is not doing near enough to pressure Congress on this. The Ron Paul campaign has captured much of the libertarian imagination and the controversies about his newsletters have alienated various sides of the libertarian thinksophere. We need to get over ourselves. The arguments over who wrote what in 1989 or 1990 are less important than whether the Senate retroactively legalizes and forgives international surveillance.

This is precisely why I support Ron Paul. Sure, the newsletters put a nasty taste in my mouth, but what am I gonna do - support Rudy??

Speaking of the newsletters, John Derbyshire gives a defense (http://vdare.com/derbyshire/080126_irrelevance.htm)of them that none of us should emulate:

Worse yet, Paul seems to have associated with people, fifteen or twenty years ago, who thought that we were all better off when homosexuals had to be discreet, and that black Americans are prone to civil disorder, and that Martin Luther King was a philandering plagiarist, and that the Confederacy had a right to secede from the Union, and that the Korean storekeepers of Los Angeles behaved in true American spirit when they defended their property with guns against rioters.

People really seem to have believed such things! And Paul gave them space in his newsletters! Euiw!

As Reason's Matt Welch replied (http://www.reason.com/blog/show/124653.html):

"Ron Paul's candidacy is proving the irrellevance of libertarianism."

So sayeth National Review anti-homosexualist and hot-babe connoisseur John Derbyshire, while yet again defending the content of Paul's old newsletters in the white-girl fanzine VDare. Much discussion ensues about "forward-thrusting 'dynamists'" and the like. As is typical of the genre, there is no attempt to explain the conundrum of why the candidate he defends so vigorously disagrees so vehemently with The Derb's own enthusiasms for the newsletters' content and fondness for pre-MLK race relations.

Exactly. In The Rolla Daily News, Tom Sager endorses (http://www.therolladailynews.com/articles/2008/01/29/editorials/edit02.txt) Ron Paul:

I believe ending our involvement in foreign wars is the most important issue facing us. I'm also concerned about our environment, our children's education, our economy and a lot of other issues. But, I'm convinced that as long as we put our energies into fighting wars, not much progress will be made on any of these fronts.

I found two candidates on the ballot who have consistently voted against war. One, Dennis Kucinich, has withdrawn from the race. That leaves Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has spent almost 20 years in Congress. In 2002 he was one of seven Republicans who voted against going to war with Iraq. He understands the Constitutional issue: The Constitution empowers Congress, and only Congress, to declare war. It does not give Congress the power to delegate this responsibility to the Executive Branch, which is what Congress has done. He also appears to understand that in giving Congress the power of the purse, the Constitution also empowers Congress to end a war, simply by declining to vote funds for its continuation.

When Congress appropriates funds for the Iraq War, it votes to continue an illegal war. Forty-one Senators filibustering or 218 Representatives voting nay on an appropriations bill could bring the war to a quick end.

And finally, in The ASU Web-Devil, Leigh Munsil reports (http://www.asuwebdevil.com/issues/2008/01/29/news/703301) on the college Ron Paul rally:

Regardless of whether Paul has a good showing in Arizona, Sarver said, "It's all about the message."

Paul's message includes immediately pulling out of Iraq, lowering taxes and limiting government spending, according to his Web site.

He has also advocated some less-mainstream political views, such as abolishing the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.

Lily Phan, an ASU alumna, said she came to the march because she wanted to do something to support Paul before the Feb. 5 primary.

Paul probably won't win the primary, but "that won't be the end of the movement," Phan said.

"I think he's done a lot better than anyone has ever expected," she added.

I want to finish off with a new feature, which is a Video Roundup done by Freedomphile agapecpus:

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Great work, agapecpus! Top-notch! See you tomorrow!


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