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01-29-2008, 04:11 PM
NO ONE is talking about this! While governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee pardoned over 700 violent offenders; the six states which border on Arkansas pardoned around 650 offenders during the same time period. The main reason these convicted violent criminals received clemency from Gov. Huckabee was because they CONVERTED TO EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY!


Wayne DuMond was let out over 20 years before he was supposed to be released. After his early release he did not waste much time before raping and killing two women in Missouri.

Many people are not aware of this 'Clemency for Conversion' policy and we need to have a flyer about it and start getting it out. I am sick of hearing 'My vote for RP would be wasted'. People in IL have the stomach for negative campaigning and will be happy to listen to this kind of thing, IMO...

Targeting Catholics and non-evangelical protestants with this information will be highly effective.

01-30-2008, 01:19 PM
I was a resident of Arkansas during the Wayne Dumond fresco.
Huckabee is getting a bad rap because of what he did. I'd done the same thing if I was governor
Dumond had been arrested but never charged with some sex crimes in DeWitt Arkansas. He moved to Forrest City to escape these charges and to begin a new life. He was a married man who went to church and worked full time.
A woman in Forrest City was raped. Naturally the sheriff, who later went to prison for corruption convictions, zeroed in on Dumond because of his previous record.
The victim identified him, not based on what he looked like but supposedly by his sneer. She said she couldn't remember his face.
The victims father was a prominent funeral home director in Forrest City who was also a cousin and big supporter of Governor Bill Clinton.
While Dumond was being investigated for this crime, two men assaulted him in his home and castrated him.
Demond identified one of theses men as the funeral home director.
Later at Demond's trial, the judge would not allow him to testify in any way that would mention his castration or his ability to identify the man who did it.
Forrest City and St. Francis County at that time was one of the most corrupt places in Arkansas. As a business man, I did business in that county and dealt with their corruption on a first hand basis.
There was absolutely no evidence that Dumond was guilty. When it became record that the woman had semen on her dress, the dress mysteriously disappeared.
Knowing the corruption in St. Francis County, Dumonds wife appealed to Governor Clinton who of course, refused to listen to her because the victim and her father were his relatives and carried political clout in their county.
I'm not a Huckabee supporter but I do want to stand up for him. He pardoned Dumond as a slap in the face to Bill Clinton. It's everyday knowledge that Dumond didn't receive a fair trial and that most likely, he was innocent of the charges.
As far as Dumond's arrest and conviction in Kansas City, I personally believe it was just another corrupt deed played out by the Clinton people.
Dumond complained one day in prison about a fever. He was checked by a nurse who diagnosed it as nothing serious but died within a few hours of that incident. I don't believe there was ever an autopsy.
Remember Vince Foster, folks!
That's about all I got to say about this.

01-30-2008, 06:40 PM
get lost, TROLL!!!

There are over SEVEN HUNDRED Wayne DuMonds out there! Is there some bullshit story for every one of these 'Converts'??

Please do tell, Mr. Huckabee Apologist!

01-31-2008, 12:31 AM
get lost, TROLL!!!

There are over SEVEN HUNDRED Wayne DuMonds out there! Is there some bullshit story for every one of these 'Converts'??

Please do tell, Mr. Huckabee Apologist!
My point was that Huckabee pardoned Dumond as a way of getting to or irritating the Clintons.
As far as the countless other's he pardoned, I don't have any information about any of them.
But, I'd rather a person in authority err on the side of compassion than on the side of justice and I know Dr. King would agree and I'm pretty sure Dr. Paul would too.
BTW, I joined this forum because I'm totally committed to getting Ron Paul's message into the hands of everyone.
I'm a precinct leader and have given a lot of money to the campaign.
I'm sorry to have run across you. You sure seem revengful.

01-31-2008, 12:33 AM
and there is the thing about his son torturing and killing a dog.