View Full Version : A letter I just sent to FNC

01-29-2008, 12:22 PM
This is a letter I just now sent to FNC. I also sent one to CNN explaining my decisions and my appreciation for a more fair view of Ron paul...although I also added id like to see more about him.

Ive waited to write this because I didnt want to be apart of some bandwagon or get caught up in the heat of the moment. But Ive watched FNC for several years and listened on my XM channel. Ive heard how FNC prides itsself on being "fair" and "balanced". I was disgusted when FNC decided to ban Ron Paul from a Republican debate. At the time I didnt even know alot about Paul but I did know that he had a ton of signs everywhere and that he had finished ahead of Rudy. Since then, Ive read alot and ive found the canidate for me. Im sorry to see FNC participate in a very "Unfair" and "Unbalanced" form of news anchoring. I believe your job as journalists is to report the news-not to manipulate it to favor your beliefs. Since that one night I have not turned on FNC and I wont- Ive sent CNN a msg explaining everything I just told you here. And now my stations stay on MSNBC and CNN. I hope you see the failures to do the right thing and change your ways.

Jeremy Y. (Tennessee)