View Full Version : Make your plummeting dollar more valuable

01-29-2008, 10:36 AM
Since the dollar is barely worth the paper it's printed on we might as well make use of it.

I got the idea from Clemson fans in my family. Whenever they go to a college bowl game they stamp all of their dollars with tiger paws so that local businesses will know where the huge influx of money is coming from. This increases the likelihood that Clemson will get invited to a bowl game the next year.

I know it is illegal but I've been writing "no tax on tips" on one side of all of my dollar bills over on the edge of the bill and "ronpaul2008.com" on the other side. I pretend not to notice the writing on the money when I spend it and have it mixed in randomly with unmarked bills. An added bonus is that I can check out people's reactions on the spot when I pay them at convenience stores, grocery stores, or restaurants. If they seem receptive I can make a return trip with info.:D

If you think this is a good idea please bump it.

Also add other short messages that would be good to write.

Here's a few to start:
Freedom is Popular
Abolish the IRS
Restore the Constitution
Peace Prosperity and Freedom
Liberty 2008
Free Trade with all and no entangling alliances
add more