View Full Version : HELP! ASP anybody?!

All Seeing Eye
01-29-2008, 10:19 AM
We have totally redesigned our site (http://www.starttherevolution.org (http://www.starttherevolution.org/)) over the past few months and have, by way of books, videos and web pages, picked our way through the ASP/SQL minefield...

We are now at the point where the entire site is ALMOST good to go. The admin sections are built. The database is built. The pages are built. The site is currently in testing and all is looking good...

BUT...(aint there ALWAYS a but?!)

We are stuck with a few issues that most ASP programmers would probably find very easy to fix but we are tearing our hair out!

We have used and will continue to use the site as a platform for Ron Paul and for unspinning the news in general.

We hope that there is an "ASP Angel" ready to help us out! If so, message me and we can let you know what we need!

Thank you in advance of any help you may be able to offer.