View Full Version : So who is doing what and where?

08-04-2007, 05:35 AM
I thought it would be interesting to find out what different people/groups are doing in their particular areas as far as working on the campaign. So, I'll start.
I'm from NE Ct. and am not part of a meetup group as there isn't one very close to me and since I work nights, am not able to attend the meetings anyway which always seem to take place at night. The world isn't designed for us night people.
Anyway, I generally have the opportunity to hand out at least a few tri-folds every day also give people the dvd as well if they seem particularly interested. As many of you know, I am organizing a blitzkrieg of Ozzfest in Mansfield, Mass. on the 20th and am still looking for volunteers to help distribute campaign materials and talk to the concert goers. I have 10,000 fliers on order for the event and a couple of people have contacted me about sending me bumper stickers and buttons for the event as well. I'm hoping to get ALOT more people on board for distribution of the materials and if enough people commit, I will contact the local media in that area to see if we can't get some coverage. I am also distributing tri-folds by asking local businesses if I can leave them in some conspicuous place where people can read them while they are enjoying their morning coffee or lunch or whatever. Who wants to go next?