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Bradley in DC
01-29-2008, 08:55 AM
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Ron Paul Hoping For "Grand Showing" In Maine

AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER) -- While the rest of the field is fighting it out in Florida, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul came to Maine Monday.

Paul told a cheering crowd of supporters in Augusta that America has too much government, too many restrictions on individual liberty and not enough reliance on the constitution.

He wants to dramatically reduce the size and scope of the federal government, eliminate the income tax, end the Patriot Act and bring all U.S. troops home from overseas.

Paul told crowds in both Augusta and the University of Southern Maine that he believes in a strong national defense, but it's time to end American military involvement in other countries.

"We've been involved in wars we shouldn't be involved in. We go around the world, we blow up these countries, we blow up their infrastructure. It costs us money to do that. Then we say we have a moral obligation to rebuild it. And so you get taxed again," said Paul.

Paul says he's hoping to gain some support in this weekend's Maine republican caucuses. Supporters say this is his first campaign stop in Maine.

The ten-term congressman from Texas says he is hoping for "a grand showing."

Paul is viewed as a longshot candidate nationally, but state Republican Party Executive Director Julie O'Brien says his supporters may have been the most active in Maine.