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01-29-2008, 12:48 AM
I am finding more and more people unable to give up money atm in my state. Alot of those people donating to our little sign fund(A group trip to Home Depot) took a heavy dive. People are VERY scared of the economy atm. Most all RP supporters I know are just your average Joe. They dont make alot. They dont drive a 40k$$ car. These folks are hurting bad atm and are scared to open the wallet. At first the economy was a blessing to me as it would help prove RP's stand on things. Now I am afraid it is backfiring.

This past weekend the streets in my town(Mostly middle class and upper middle income) had been near vacant all evening. The bars and food joints all seamed to be very baren. It was like x-mas eve. Nobody was driving and nobody was spending.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to motivate people around here? It seams by preaching RP and his wisdom I am just making people worry more and less likely to donate or help out. Alot of RP's message is all about our current situation. Its like rubbing salt in the wound. We have hudge problems doing anything public because of NJ municipalities cracking down as it is.

Thanks in advance for any sugestions

01-29-2008, 12:54 AM
If you cant personally donate then find 10 to do so in your place. It does NOT have to be local people that you can get to donate. We have the largest neighborhood online and there are plenty of possible donators here.

I do not see a broad "entire state cant donate", I think you might not be looking far enough....

Local motivation is simple, those who are scared about their money, homes and other economic issues should be the most excited to donate. If they do nothing then would our system get any better? nope...

So it goes like this for me, I can do everything I can to try and take this country back and that means getting others to give with me and then if we dont get the nation back my money is going to end up being worthless anyways so why hold onto it now.

No need to preach in the least bit, either they can or cant donate and priorities should always come into play. Take care of house and home before taking care of OTHERS especially if you are a parent.

Have your local meetup group have the money bomb on the calendar and you can focus on finding new donators online which costs NOTHING to do except your time.

Keep up the hard work and remember we can give MORE then just money to this campaign.