View Full Version : My precinct letter, for those it may help

01-28-2008, 10:11 PM
Dear Neighbors,
I am a volunteer for the Ron Paul for President 2008 campaign. I am one of the many thousands of Ron Paul supporters who have never been involved in politics before. As you may know, soon we will be heading to the polls to decide each party's nominee for the presidential election. There are still quite a few candidates seeking the Republican nomination this year. Please allow me the opportunity to explain why I believe Ron Paul is the best choice in 2008.
In order to do so, I have to explain why Ron Paul has generated so much enthusiasm among so many people of all ages and walks of life. I have to explain how Ron Paul raised over $6 million in 24 hours from donations averaging less than $100 - a one-day fundraising record previously held by John Kerry's $5.7 million in the 2004 general election. In an admittedly crowded field of candidates, why have all these people donated so much time, effort and money to Ron Paul, whom the establishment and the mainstream media have sidelined? The answer is both the message and the messenger.
Liberty, peace and prosperity and are the three simple pillars of Ron Paul’s message:
Ron Paul believes, as I do, that the Constitution was designed to keep the government off the back of the people. In the last seven years we have witnessed an unprecedented growth in the size of government, the national debt and intrusions on our fundamental civil liberties. As usual, our Founders were wiser. As Benjamin Franklin has put it: “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Ron Paul is guided by the true Spirit of ’76. The only essential role of government is protecting our liberty.
Ron Paul believes that George Washington’s foreign policy advice to the new republic showed great wisdom. As perfectly distilled by Thomas Jefferson in his inaugural address it was expressed as “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” This would have been almost common sense in the 18th century, as Europe was constantly wracked by infighting. With a string of bloody undeclared wars and police actions over the last fifty years, maybe it should become common sense once again. Ron Paul is the only candidate of either party that would immediately bring our troops home from Iraq, and every other place they have no business being.
Ron Paul believes that the current recession was the inevitable result of loose monetary policy enacted by the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. Every time the Fed cuts interest rates, it’s just printing money. What happens when you have more of something? Those things are worth less. Do you realize you would have had to earn a 20% return on a dollar you earned in 2000 just to keep up with inflation? No wonder people feel they can’t keep up! Inflation doesn’t just happen, it is created by printing money based on nothing. Ron Paul would establish a plan to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to sound money. Oh, and while we’re speaking about money, Ron Paul would move to abolish the IRS. We don’t need an income tax if we’re not fighting other peoples’ wars around the globe.
And what of the messenger? Ron Paul has served in Congress since the late 1970's. His political views have never changed, and he has the voting record to prove it. That type of consistency is almost unheard of in politics today. Contrast that with the other candidates, who change with the wind, and you see a refreshing difference. Lobbyists don’t even bother to “schmooze” Ron Paul; they know it’s a waste of time. In a Presidential candidate, that kind of integrity is worth getting excited about.
Please consider voting for Ron Paul on February 5. Be a part of the Hope for America.