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01-28-2008, 06:01 PM
Hello Everyone,

This may just be the most important Newsletter I have ever written



Many of us will never max out. I am in this group. I am active duty
military and I just don't earn a great enough wage to do so.

I wanted to come up with an idea that would help finance donations
for those of us who are financially impaired.

Using ideas that were sent to me by other Ron Paul supporters, I
compiled a list of three ways to earn a couple hundred dollars per
week for donations. Maximum participation in Method 1 can ensure

If we can get more money into the hands of those of us who have
given to our own limits but have miles to go before maxing out, Dr.
Paul's money will balloon!

Please follow this link -> http://www.ronpaulmoneybomb.com/revolution2008.html


FEBRUARY 1, 2008

We now have 4 days until the biggest moneybomb day ever.

Everyone is pulling out all the stops, February 1st is the day we
make a stand for Ron Paul.

Super Tuesday is a crossroads. It is do or die time for the
revolution. We need to push Dr. Paul over the top. We need to raise
a sickening, ridiculous, massive mountain of cash for him on
February 1st.

Visit http://www.ronpaulmoneybomb.com for all the links.

Pledge to all 4! Please submit your email as a pledge to all four
events. It is VITAL that we show our numbers! And spread the word
about this day of donation for Ron Paul.

Many people are advertising only the LibertyTax08.com event. It is
important to advertise each event for bigger numbers. So we have
placed all four events for all to see and participate in.


If you don't have $500 for LibertyTax08.com - Then donate $5.00
every bit helps.

The revolution needs to pick up momentum, like a freight train
without breaks. We need to be a cascading juggernaut of human and
economic power like no other in history.

This is as much about the future of our PEOPLE POWER as it is to
help Ron Paul. If our American brethren are just not willing to
return to constitutional minded leadership, will we all just fade
into the mist?

I think not, we are strong and innovative, we are the future, we
are Americans, and we have a single mind about liberty and peace.

If America is to survive, we must bare the brunt of many burdens.
Our eyes are open and we are alert to the dangers that many of our
fellow American just do not see. We have a responsibility to our
families, friends, and fellow (sleeping) Americans to upright this
ship we call the land of the free.

Who so chooses to withdraw support at our finest hour should be
shunned. Take pride, keep a steady hand, and a glad heart that so
many more are joining us each day.

Do not let February 1st come and go with a thunderous noise, no the
noise heard on this day must be the collision of planets and the
deafening chorus of screaming gods,

Donate everything you are able. Now is the time to reach the 2300
dollar level if you have not already done so. This IS the future of
the United States we are talking about and we may be deciding the
fate of humanity itself.

Do not see your donation as campaign financing, see it rather as a
vote. It is understood in every country that if a people are
willing to give up hard earned wealth toward the support of a
candidate. It speak volumes about the candidate.


And do not forget or otherwise neglect the global protest on April

So now, put your back into the effort. Go out and let people know
that February 1st is the date set.

I am proud to share this adventure with you. True Americans all...

Ron Paul Money Bomb, PSC 41 Box 6823, APO, AE 09464, USA

01-28-2008, 06:04 PM
let's make this big
If you aren't sure about donating $51.. donate $510
if you plan on donating $510, double it for $1020

01-28-2008, 06:09 PM
Then please help us!

We are working on something incredibly important that could have huge payoff: making sure every meetup makes it an event. Like NONE of them have it as one yet. Therefore tens of thousands of people don't know about it who could. I spent two hours plus doing this today...

go to the thread please: Post meetup groups that HAVE the feb 1st money bomb on calendar http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=103290

01-28-2008, 06:14 PM
How much money is this one supposed to raise? I would donate in this one, but I can't afford it. I may throw in ten bucks.

Can we realistically raise $5 million?

01-28-2008, 06:15 PM
Also remember that this is a marathon everyone and dont think that just because we are not winning this or that we WILL be in the general election one way or another.

Donate as much as you can and even better do as you should and locate 10 BRAND NEW people to donate on feb 1st AS WELL.

If you maxed out then GREAT, did your friends? family neighbors? see where I am going with this. We are not going to win this by pulling out a single credit card. We will win this by getting OTHER PEOPLE to pull out their credit cards and jumping onboard with us as well.

Here is a stickied thread that I started to get EVERY meetup group that we have to get the feb 1st money bomb day on calendar. It does not matter which money bomb site you like because the thing that matters IS THE DAY. Feb 1st 2008 is when you will be donating to the OFFICIAL campaign ONLY.

Get to work even if you are BROKE, find and locate meetup groups that do not currently have this money bomb on their calendar and do something about it. If you cant afford to continue donating then FIND OTHER PEOPLE to do it for you.

There is no excuse as to why YOU or your efforts cannot produce a MINIMUM of $2300 worth of donations.

Break it down this way

You donating alone = $51
You finding 10 to donate = $510
You finding 30 to donate = $1530
see where I am going with this?????

So if you are worried about your bills,cashflow or whatever why not focus on locating NEW DONATORS who would be more then happy to donate to a great cause.

Get active here

01-28-2008, 09:03 PM
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