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01-28-2008, 05:48 PM

I have a mapping application that I'll make available for people with Ron Paul uses.

It does a lot of things. I think it looks good. It is of the USA, separated into about 30 layers that can be used (or not). Each state and county can be assigned color (including gradients) and translucency. The application can be set to refresh so that for example you could show a different color and translucency for each county in Florida based on the money that county had donated or the percentage of people who had voted for Ron Paul, and update it in real time.

It does a lot more too but I can get into that if there is any interest.

It takes about 5 minutes to set it up and maybe 10 minutes to figure out how to customize it to suit a particular purpose.

You can see an example of it at h ttp://fearandloathing2008.com/map.php - you can set a number of different views via the dropdown menu and click on my example state, Florida to see an example of a county version h ttp://fearandloathing2008.com/states/florida/counties.php.

I have made no effort to make the colors look nice and more relevantly, the colors do not in any way reflect anything, I just set up the different views as examples.

You can see versions without the background at
h ttp://fearandloathing2008.com/states/florida/counties_nbg.php
h ttp://fearandloathing2008.com/map_nbg.php