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01-28-2008, 03:58 PM
Posted this to Daily Paul, reposted here. We have quite a few people doing the same thing, alas, for shorter than I would have liked the correct way. All the thanks in the world to Stephen Sadowski.


From 10-1 pm, and then again from 3:30-4:30. I had been doing more, but it is a very busy day here in Florida, with lots of last minute things popping up within the meetup.

Either way, I can recall the last few days.

Thursday: 12 votes, 9 signs up in yards.
Friday: 7 votes, 6 signs in yards.
Saturday: 8 votes, 8 signs in yards.
Sunday: 4 votes, 3 signs in yards.
Today: 4 votes, 2 signs in yards

Getting signs on private property is the key. Want proof? Watch precinct 124 in Brevard County Florida tomorrow. Make no mistake, if every single person did what I did we would win hands down. Hate to toot my own horn, but really, the numbers speak for themselves. Besides, someone deserves all the credit, and it isn't me. More on that later.

You need to agree with people, not seem "extreme" in the slightest, and just point out why Paul is better than anyone else on the issue they care about. Do not canvass with Ron Paul gear on or visible. That is because people don't know him, or have a negative perception. You can overcome this, but not by having the door slammed when they see your Ron Paul shirt. Say your name, say you are a neighbor, and ask if they are registered to vote. Stick your hand out so they shake it. Not many people can dismiss the opinion of someone once they shake their hand. Only if they shake hands all day. to most people it is subconsciously powerful. If it matters ask if they are GOP or Dem, even if you already know. Ask if they had decided on a candidate yet. If yes, ask who. Contrast why Paul is better at what they care about than Candidate X. If no, point out why Paul is so strong on what they care about. Be sure to say things like "regular people like you and me", and "cares about everyone, not just the powerful people". After discussion, if the interest is there, mention that you can put a sign in the yard, and it makes their opinion much more powerful and will allow them to double or quadruple the impact of their single vote. Democrats or people unable to vote can still have thier voices heard and influence the election. This is the easiest thing in the world to sell. It really is.

Put sign out, and mention that they should let family and friends know they should be voting for the best candidate.

I'd like to personally thank Stephen Sadowski for coming down from OLOD in NH, and SC. He pointed all these things out to me, and without him pointing this out, those numbers above would never have happened.