View Full Version : East TN Newspaper Ad Super Bowl Sunday (Please CHIPIN)

01-28-2008, 02:26 PM
We are really down to the wire on our deadline for the half page ad for The Mountain Press on Super Bowl Sunday (2/3). We thought we had it funded, but a member of our meetup group ended up not providing funds.

If you could spare whatever amount, we would appreciate it. We need $400 by January 30th. If we end up getting the $400 raised by other members of our meetup group (not looking promising) I will refund any money contributed.

We think the ad fits the demographic of our area very well and is targeted towards Republican voters in this area as well as former Fred Thompson supporters (who had a substantial following around here). It can be viewed here:

The file can be viewed here:
http://www.wearsvalleyhomes.com/ron-paul-mp-ad-2.jpg (Updated)
http://www.wearsvalleyhomes.com/ron-paul-mp-ad-3.pdf (Updated)

Details about the newspaper ad:

Below are two links from local TV and newspapers about Ron Pau in the area (our grassroots have opened up an office in Townsend) and the other article describes the support of Ron Paul in the area and discusses who the Thompson supporters will go to since he has dropped out.

The CHIPIN page is here: