View Full Version : Need Christian Precinct Leaders

01-28-2008, 09:42 AM
Prayer and money go a long way ... and so does a call to action. If you haven't joined the thousands of us who are bringing Ron Paul to the next level, please read on then go to ronpaul2008.com and sign up to be a Precinct Leader.

Being a precinct leader helps the campaign guage their level of support. Precinct leaders also help get the VOTE out in at least two ways. One, you find Paul supporters in your precinct and cement their support ... get them out to vote! Two, you are a positive face to the Ron Paul message. As a Precinct Leader, you demonstrate your level of commitment to your family, friends, co-workers and even fellow church-goers. You become a positive example of a serious Paul supporter.

How would you like to be talking to your priest or pastor, friend or relative or fellow church-goer and get to say "I would like to (see that movie, go to the event, sleep in on Saturday, etc) but I'm a volunteer Precinct Leader and need to encourage people to vote in our primary." What a great conversation starter.

You are already a supporter, so don't think about it, just do it! Even if you are a mediocre precinct leader, you'll do a much better job than the person in your precinct who is doing it now (... that would be nobody).

Macon, GA
01-28-2008, 09:45 AM
Christian precinct leader here in Macon, GA.....