View Full Version : Ron Pauls message summed up in Charle Wilsons War

01-27-2008, 09:37 PM
I just watched this film and was really shocked at the revelation it gave me.

In the film the CIA was under funding the Afgan fighters on purpose so they could not win against the soviets. The reason for this was so the fighting would go on long enough to bleed the soviet economy dry. Charlie Wilson came in and upped the funding from 5 million to 1 billion which allowed the required weapons to be bought and defeat the soviets.

The tactic of a slow fight with the sole purpose of draining your enemy of money we taught the Muslims is being used on us right now.

Ron Paul has seen this tactic for what it is and is correct in saying we need to get out now before we are bankrupt. By getting out now we gain a victory against our enemy's tactic of bleeding us to the same fate as the Soviet Union.