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01-26-2008, 11:40 PM
Really sorry to crosspost--but absolutely nobody is in the Feb 1st subforum, and actions have to be taken now, so please if you want to get it hyped and organized, come on over and help us with your ideas and smarts:

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Most important post :) Organize now

We cannot do the same things we did with MLK. There was a huge lack of orginization and effort.

With this, we need to make sure, IMMEDIATELY, with great urgency, that certain things get taken care of:

1. MOST IMPORTANT! Make it an EVENT for every meetup group. This never got figured out last time and it must be done--the results could be great, and it would be so easy, it seems: Every meetup coordinator and group needs to be emailed or notified somehow of this, and then it must be made AN EVENT for every meetup group--that way it is front and center and people can RSVP for it and post about it. This was done for like maybe a quarter of the meetups on Dec. 16th. So HOW do we make sure every coordinator/leader gets this message?

-----There has to be an administrator or someone that can send a blanket message to every meetup leader, right?

2. the Nov. 5th, Dec. 16th, Dec. 31st, and Jan. 21st lists get ONE email NOW, and ONE email early in the morning of Feb 1st. TWO EMAILS ONLY. But we must do this. The subject line must be good and it must link to a site with great videos, etc.

3. the Myspace people need to get ONE bulletin NOW with the link to the sight AND A VIDEO, and then ONE bulletin on the day of Feb 1st. Facebook people need to be told and it needs to be made an event on Facebook.

01-26-2008, 11:43 PM
the big thing is--nobody has figured out how to email every meetup leader telling them to make the Feb 1st Anniversary money bomb an EVENT.

There are multiple threads, with everyone helpless and without a clue. C'mon--someone has to know if there is a way to do this. Isn't there an administrator or "master" or something that can send a message to every group at once?