View Full Version : Blow away HQs expectations in AL by grassroots GOTV

01-26-2008, 08:54 PM
Ok guys, talk to our resident experts. Talk to politico pros outside of us and Ron Paul. They will all tell you the same thing, the key to winning is called "get out the vote."

Say we really have 8%, and the frontrunner really has 23%. If we turn out 40% of our guys, and they turn out the normal 10% of theirs, we win.

Up to now, our GOTV has been good enough to match the other candidates, but here in AL, there will be no 'official gotv effort. So I suggest we do it grassroots!

I'm thinking, what if every RP lover in AL (including donors) canvassed their own neighborhood, identified supporters, invited all supporters and many undecideds to a huge huge SuperTuesday party, and then when everyone is in the best mood, move the whole thing down to the poll and vote.

More tocome later, very tired. Up 40 hrs now. Will develop this more, but I think this is huge!!