View Full Version : NEOCON WARS - Episode '08 - The Last Hope

01-26-2008, 08:49 PM
Google Video had yanked it down after 2 days but now somebody put up an alternate:


This full length STAR WARS parody is a complete destruction of American Imperialism and the pseudo "War on Terror" fantastical delusion. Its all foreign policy, which is the biggest thing holding back RP with the brainwashed Neocon masses.


Get it in high quality with bitorrent:
http://conspiracycentral.net:6969/stats.html?info_hash=94240682b079efd27abda108f698d b58dfe5dc1e
(be sure that entire link is pasted!)

Help me get this thing out there. I've been slaving over it for months. Some may at first decide that I went too far in the early on depiction of BushCo., but I insist that those incapable of watching past it for said reason then there's no time -to crack their walnut psyche to even begin unwrapping the onion layers of delusional cognitive constructs- anyways. I hope this may be heavy artillery for the effort.