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01-26-2008, 03:37 PM
(I've posted this in a couple of places online so far since last night. In addition, there's some added info at the bottom)

Hi, my name is Scott Hawkins, Sales Manager of 4Celling.com.

We've been watching the Ron Paul money raising now with a lot of interest and we've got a product/service developed that will be groundbreaking for his campaign.

In short, we can help you raise money for Ron with a single phone call, via cell, to a number where supporters could use their keypad (1-9) to pledge a dollar amount and it charges to their cell phone bill, simple...We'd limit it to $9 on this round...makes it easy for all....

Our joint-venture partner in Houston, Texas, Phonecasting, helped us develop this.

4Celling.com the US arm of Vidicom Group, in the UK, the largest SMS provider in the UK and EU.
Here's their website:

In November, they were recognized by the UK Govt. as being on the level of trust and safety as MasterCard and Visa. This certification is by the HMRC (Her Majestys Regents and Customs) and it's the first time a Premium SMS supplier has been granted this level of trust.

So, I'd like to explain what we can do for Ron and how we can work with ALL his supporters to make a HUGE and NEWSWORTHY event happen:


We've been working the last entire month on this and it's ready to roll. In addition, we really expect that $4-5MM could be gathered overnight (?) once word gets out about this attempt.

You can call me directly in San Francisco at 415-532-4552.
Please look over our website:


our US parent site:


our partner site:


and our UK site:


I'm up all day and night and I'm dead serious about making this a big success for Ron :)
I know you'll all have a LOT of questions, so below my signature are some answers I put out to someone who had great questions!

Scott Hawkins
4Celling Sales & Business Development



Hey, thanks for the reply!

Let me try to answer some of your questions and give you a bit of background here:

First, the donation effort just might happen anyway on the national level with RP's campaign. I know that some rather high level talks have been in place over the last couple of months. My mail to you and subsuquent posts on a few forums were my attempt to get the ball rollin' on SOME level..ultimately, the main campaign doesn't NEED to approve this, we have the technology to do it on our own...just like others have organized money bombs in the past. It would be NICE if they finally approved the effort and put it out from "on-high", but it's not imperative, heck, it would be cooler if it WAS solely a grassroots effort.

As to our infrastructure..right now the system handles millions in transactions daily, so I'm sure that the load shouldn't be an issue. Ideally, for purposes of raising as much as you can, I'd like to see donations over a longer periods than solely an hour, but we could discuss that. Given the newsworthy nature of this, I really forsee a few million coming in over a couple of days...and the press making a BIG "to-do" over it.

OK, about the fees....we came in over the last year with the power of our originators in the UK and got the best and highest level contracts in the USA, period. In addition, we got the most BACK from the carriers in returns on the $...obviously they get their cut, just like they do with ringtones/wallpapers/etc. We're the FIRST company who's being allowed FULL access with pricing and content to do, really, as we like in regards to our offerings. All that said, the merchant/producer/beneficiary/et. al. receives back about 50%. In most scenarios, they get at or less than 35%...we have friends here in SF who do a really good business in ringtones/wallpapers and on a $1.99 transaction, after ALL fees from the aggregators/carriers, they get back around .45, or 25%! So, RP would be getting back around 50%, and that's the best it can get..the BEST it's been in US history. 4celling, honestly, get's a few pennies on each transaction and that's an automatic thing on our backend...we'd be LIVING on the PR from this, trust me :) I understand and appreciate the PR opportunity..I KNOW my phone will be ringing off the hook from other campaigns and charitable concerns the next day...

Last, we have the ability to make this VIRAL, assuming a few thousand people to start. I've got a finction built in that allows the user to donate, then RECORD a message to a friend and then FORWARD the entire thing to their friend's phone #. So, the next person would get a call with caller ID from the originator, they'd hear their friend talking about it and then they could respond and donate. All clean and simple and it could spread FAST.

I hope this is helpful, I'd like to get this rolling before Super Tuesday...