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01-26-2008, 08:55 AM
replace world by american if you are american

Ladies and gentleman,

I speak to you today as a world citizen. I want to talk about a principled man: Ron Paul!

Victim of subtle censorship in the mainstream media, his message, his platform and his character are little known, in Europe as in the United States. Your stunned eyes and my personal discovery are evidence of that. Proof of this censorship is logged by Ron Paul grassroot supporters and available on the Internet for those willing to find it.

Huge was my surprise to learn the very existence of Ron Paul, by sheer new year's luck on the 2nd of January, a republican candidate strongly opposed to War in Iraq. It has since been for me a slow and steady realisation that I had in front of my eyes the greatest and most authentic presidential candidate in the wake of Kennedy and Reagan.

It was deafening and strong was my sadness for the silent western media.

Vague and very few articles on the good doctor with a track record of integrity and irrefutable honesty, a presidential candidate who refuses donations from Wall Street and corporations in the name of the Constitution of the United State of America. As the purpose of this Constitution of Rights is to defend the interests of citizens as individuals, not big money corporations.

A 10th term congressman who grounds his foreign policy in mutual respect, trade and diplomacy. A man who supports self determination and strongly opposes borrowing billions of dollars from China to give them to dictatorships.

A presidential candidate who plans saving trillions of dollars a year by bringing home American troops currently on foreign soil. As this unconstitutional situation is digging a deep financial hole for the USA, where soon It will struggle to pay interests on the debt!

The silence was unbearable. To who profits this blackout on Ron Paul?
A grandfather who promotes personal responsibility, in the name of which I speak to you right now. This physician Ron Paul who delivered more than 4000 babies is detailing a precise plan to save America from a deadly fiscal cancer.

Last but not least, an old school republican who has defended the value of liberty all his life, especially by voting against the Patriot Act, legal support for Guantanamo heavily criticized for its attack on privacy and freedom of speech.

Thousands of Americans, proud again, are waking up and work day and night, some even are quitting their job, to support Ron Paul and his message.

And yet again this silence, albeit Ron Paul collected more citizen donations than any other candidate! Fact exemplified by Money Bombs on the 5th November and 16th December which yielded in 24 hours 4 and 6 millions of dollars respectively, a record!

Why this blackout on Ron Paul? For a renewal in politics? For peace and understanding between countries? I will let you think on that.

To conclude, I would like, if you cherish the values of peace, prosperity and integrity, to inform you on Ron Paul. And shall you understand the soft fascism at work trying to suppress opposition by means of censorship, to take upon your personal responsibility and spread this message by word of mouth, as well as checking out Ron Paul on the Internet.
For freedom of speech and humanity

Thank you for your attention.

C.P. Bentley

02-06-2008, 10:08 PM
Very Good!
I admire your courage.

Deborah K
02-06-2008, 10:13 PM
Beautiful! Bravo!!! To whom did you make this speech, and where? You're not American, that I can tell.

02-06-2008, 10:17 PM
Where did you give this fine speech. Do it again and again.