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01-25-2008, 05:56 PM
FW: This is what free speech has been reduced to at Florida Atlantic University, where the debate was held last night in Boca Raton Florida

This seems to be a replica of the Federal template used when President Bush
visits a campus or other location.


What follows are the rules for the cage (fenced-in soccer field) they wanted

to confine sign wavers to. This is your tax dollars at work at a
public institution. Pathetic.

================================================== ==========


January 24, 2008

Campaign Visibility and Free Speech Area Rules

The intent of the Campaign Visibility and Free Speech Area (CVFSA) is to
provide campaigns and other groups and individuals with an area to express
their free speech rights. It is important to remember, however, that while
want to allow this opportunity, safety and security is our number one
concern. The rules outlined below are in addition to existing FAU
and policies and are designed to ensure the safety and security of all CVFSA

and debate participants and guests, as well as the entire University

The CVFSA will be located on the fenced soccer field located off Broward
Avenue (as designated on debate/event maps). CVFSA visitors will have a
clear view of the entrance to the debate and the media. There will be no
assigned areas.

The CVFSA Vicinity
In order to ensure the safety and security of the debate and related
activities, the CVFSA is the only area on the campus in the vicinity of the
debate where campaign visibility, signs, distribution and protest will be
permitted. Groups and individuals engaging in such activity on other areas
campus in the vicinity of the debate will be asked to relocate to the CVFSA.

Groups forming on city streets or other public areas may be asked to leave
traffic is obstructed or laws are violated. This will also include any signs

placed outside the CVFSA. There is a strict NO SIGNS POLICY FOR THE FAU
AUDITORIUM. This includes signs and banners on buildings.

No signs may be affixed to the trees in the area, and no people will be
allowed to climb into the trees near the CVFSA.

The CVFSA will open at 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM. It will be open to foot traffic

ONLY. Debate Partners representatives and law enforcement personnel will be
on hand to enforce the rules

FAU officials and law enforcement selected this site to ensure the safety
security of all CVFSA and debate participants and guests, and will be
in the area and primarily responsible for enforcing the rules for everyone.

However, Debate Partners is expecting each campaign to assist with the
enforcement of these rules within their own campaign. Law enforcement
personnel will enforce these rules to the fullest extent permitted by law.

People wishing to attend the CVFSA should plan on being dropped off at
Lot 17 off Broward Avenue. Only limited parking may be available in front of

the site (accessible from Broward Avenue).

General Rules
The only signs allowed in the CVFSA are lawn signs/placards
NO 4?x 8? signs are allowed
Signs on sticks will be permitted, BUT sticks should no longer than three
No motorized vehicles
No scissor lifts
No bands (marching or otherwise)
No megaphones
No noisemakers
No amplified noise of any kind
Balloons are permitted
Homemade signs are permitted
T-shirts and stickers are permitted
Sandwich boards are permitted
No umbrellas
No weapons
No fireworks
No animals
No grills for tailgating
No alcohol
No lights ? no electricity
No glass containers
Bottled water ? no large containers

Other Notes
Anyone violating any of the above rules, or engaging in any unlawful
can and will be asked to leave the CVFSA or referred to law enforcement.
of the above rules can be altered at any point before or during the debate
due to safety or security concerns. Any changes made to these rules will be
communicated to the management of each campaign and to the public and others

with as much notice as possible. We will work closely with law enforcement
remove any groups or individuals who do not comply with these rules.

01-25-2008, 06:51 PM
Did you notice the one paul supporter that got his sign in?
Then the cop was seen on the right of the screen.
The next shot the sign guy was gone. When they were talking after the debate.
what was the bird sign all about?