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01-25-2008, 04:27 PM
SUBJECT: Get This In Your Local Paper

The website is: KnowBeforeYouVote.com (http://KnowBeforeYouVote.com)

It is a side-by-side comparison of all the Presidential candidates, and it very heavily favors Ron Paul.

Unbalanced? Yes
Unbiased? YES!

The candidates' positions make the chart unbalanced. That can't be helped.

The well documented sources make the chart UNBIASED!

Also, it includes some very helpful/educational information about the various topics, AND a link to help people find their polling place!

What should you do about this?

1) Digg it.
2) Send it to everyone you know!
3) Post it in your favorite message boards/blogs.
***4) Organize with your local Meetup members to put an ad in your local newspaper!***

Local newspaper advertising is a huge part of what helped Ron Paul in the county he won in Iowa. Work together with your local Ron Paul supporters to get this in as many newspapers across the country as possible! You can also turn this into hand-out fliers, or a newspaper insert, or a poster. For an example flier/ad send an email to: advertise@knowbeforeyouvote.com

The website has only been up for 15 days and so far it has received an overwhelmingly positive response. The total number of hits is doubling every 2-3 days. Digg.com comments section includes numerous testimonials of individuals who are changing their position to vote for Ron Paul!! This is GREAT news!

Lets get the word out there. Lets get this in NEWSPAPERS. Lets get Ron Paul elected President!!

~ Zachariah

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Isn't it mute point now that Dr. Paul is out, so is Huckster an Hitlary. The list is outdated. It should include Barr and Baldwin instead.