View Full Version : Help! Planning INDECISION 2008 Party

01-25-2008, 11:41 AM
to introduce friends and family to RP. I am going to have some games, (match the candidate with the quote, Who would you vote for?, He said what??? (most outrageous comment), have YouTube available, DVD's, and at the end of the evening a straw poll. Maybe keep the identities of the candidates hidden until then for a dramatic "reveal" that the winner is Ron Paul. (once they have the information-there isn't anyone who would not vote for our guy!)

Our primary is 2/12 and I can't have the party until 2/9. Do you think that's too late? Super Bowl on the 6th is in the way and I don't know if I can pull this off by the 5th.

Between canvassing, managing a meetup group, and trying to fill precincts in my county, I am tapped out.... but I think I could sway a lot of people if I had the party. Maybe I should stick with the canvassing and filling the precincts... planning the party is going to take some valuable time.

But I want to party and show my friends and neighbors how great Ron Paul is!

Is 2/9 too late?

If I go ahead with it, do you have any fun ideas?