View Full Version : The Florida Republican Debate: CQ Politics’ Bests and Mosts

Bradley in DC
01-25-2008, 01:28 AM

Ron Paul talked about limiting government and U.S. involvement in foreign affairs. While he finished second in Nevada’s caucus last week and has finished ahead of Giuliani in other contests, he consistently polls nationally in near-last place and said he has “no intention” of running a third-party campaign if he does not win the Republican nomination...

The following are CQ Politics’ Mosts and Bests from the debate:

Most Discussed Topic: Taxes. Romney avoided a chance to directly criticize McCain and Giuliani on taxes, saying he liked each candidate and that all three were committed to lower taxes. But he quickly pointed out that McCain had voted against the Bush tax cuts. Giuliani highlighted his own record of cutting taxes while mayor of New York City. McCain said he opposed the Bush tax cuts because he also wanted federal spending cuts, which he said would in fact lead to more tax cuts. Ron Paul said he would end Social Security taxes for younger workers while ensuring that elderly Americans continued to receive Social Security benefits without having to pay taxes on those benefits. Mike Huckabee said his fair-tax plan was the only one that would greatly benefit lower-income workers and families, while also offering reductions to middle and higher-income bracket individuals...

Most Surprising Applause Line: Ron Paul . He received loud applause when he said the war in Iraq was not worth the cost in American blood and treasure. In fact, moderators Tim Russert and Brian Williams asked the crowd to stop. None of the other four Republicans, all of whom said they support the war, received applause from the crowd, which had been cautioned by MSNBC not to applaud during the entire debate.