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01-25-2008, 01:17 AM
KnowBeforeYouVote.com (http://KnowBeforeYouVote.com/)

I actually can't take credit for much of this. Here's how it all came together...

* I got the idea for the chart and the initial issues from a campaign flier I found in in Iowa.

* The website name was suggested to me from a Horrie County, SC Meetup Group member.

* The colored YES/NO answers were suggested to me from another Meetup Group member in SC.

* Many of the new categories were suggested to me from fans of the site who got my email address.

* I did come up with the idea to break down the site into main categories.

* I did come up with a lot of the wording on new categories so as to not, um, "turn off" the uninitiated voters who might happen upon the site and not have a clue... oh, for example: why we would want to get rid of the great big benevolent Federal Reserve (wink).

* I did research all the links, which actually takes WAY longer than I anticipated. I think I logged about 30 hours using google and reading article after article... I know all these candidates WAY too intimatly now...

* The story isn't finished. This is where YOU get to contribute your idea to make this better and get the word out! Visit the site and click on the appropriate link at the bottom to make your contribution today!

Stay posted - someone is forming a corporation to accept donations sponsoring ad time so that we can get this in local papers across the country.

01-25-2008, 03:34 PM
Bump - awesome !

These are great to hand out at the polling place (of course at the legal distance). Many people show up undecided.