View Full Version : Making a Donation Map!! Fill the quill style competition NOW.

01-25-2008, 01:07 AM
From the DailyPaul forums, we figured this is a great idea to get behind and get RP the cash. Please make this topped when you read it and see how great the idea is:

"The bottom line is that the Campaign needs money now.

This word comes from the Campaign.

I think we did ok with the MLK day, but in many ways, not really.

And the reasons are lack of focus and certainty.

We need to get focused again. Waiting till Feb 1st to do a money
bomb is a mistake. It will be too late. We need something now
that will fuse us together again in one group.

Ron Paul asked for 23 million 2 weeks ago.

We need to do this now.

If 3000 **edit - it would be around 6000*** people in each state donated just 75.00 that is 20 million.

(I think I got the math right,lol)

Does anyone on this board know how to make a graphic of
a US Map, that will show the amounts filling up in each state as
it happens?
Sort of like the fill the quill?
If someone can do this, we can probably get it up on the Official site.
Please jump to the call.

Now is the time. The Campaign needs this money to win the Primaries.
It's that simple. They need it now. We need to start now.
Please help .

Then the meetup groups will be working together to promote it and we will
have a game going again.

Can someone please help me with this idea?"
-libertysilver over at DailyPaul.com

Can we all agree that this would work as #1, its a competition, #2, it would involve getting the meetup groups in each state involved and active and #3, it wouldn't be a "bomb" per say, but it sure would get lots of $75 dollar donations on the path to 20 million...

Here's the math:
6000 x 75 = 550000

x 50 (states) = $22,500,000

and there we go...