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01-24-2008, 10:08 PM
I STILL NEED DIRECT CONTACT INFO FOR TREVOR LYMAN. I may be contgacted at iowagarrett@yahoo.com

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This is the original post from the original thread. Things are moving quickly. And they have to.

The format is as described in the original post, although plans have developed to hold the POWER HOUR during a live debate. I am also hoping to get results through to Dr Paul DURING THE DEBATE possibly via tex message--to let him know how much money he had raised while the other (much poorer) candidates have been standing around talking at each other.

Here is the original post... keep in mind we have progressed with the event since then.


Hey I think I have a really awesome idea that needs to get to the top and if nothing else get some consideration.

I am was watching the totals on the MLK money bomb and they are fell a shade flat compared to the others.

Here is what I think: What were we trying to do with the money bomb days to begin with? Build the excitement right? Breaking records was a huge part of that. Alot of people were having a blast watching the Ron Paul donation graph SPIKE at midnight on the TeaParty money bomb day. I know I was tuned in before then and waiting just to see what would happen. And it was great to be a part of moving that total up in RECORD amounts. BREAKING RECORDS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!

So, whats changed? Well it has been done before now. A few times even. Six Million was a huge goal and it was tough. And we did it. Just like we had already done once before. The MLK was the most recent in I dont know how many money bombs we have had. I wonder if people have fallen a little flat from the repetition of it all?

What would like to propose (to someone who can get it DONE) is that we do a RON PAUL POWER HOUR! Its fresh, its exciting, fun. Think about how awesome it would have been to see even half of the donations on a money bomb day to have been DONATED IN A SINGLE HOUR! We could do that I think!

I GUARANTEE WE COULD SHATTER RECORDS and draw MEDIA attention again. Wasnt there like more than one million dollars donated in the first hour of the Tea Party anyway? Why not see if we could clear THREE MILLION in an hour just for fun and the record books? Maybe there could be some kind of play on numbers too having to do with the hour we set, the goal to be raised, and something having to do with freedom or the race or something. I think it would work. After all, the money we raised last time had practically been raised before the money bomb day itself even started. It was hardly a race against the clock. This could almost be and it would MAKE THE MONEY BOMB NEW AGAIN for it!

We are the tops of the candidates supporters exactly because we are so organized. It defines us. Lets use it. Again, as we have done before, the donation pledges can be signed-- so that basically the fundraising is done in the days and weeks before the POWER HOUR. Then all there is for us to do is donate at the designated time-- then its just 60 minutes to the record books :~)


So does you have any connections to the guys who did the last Tea Party or Nov 5th money bomb? I really think this is something that I would like to run past them.

Appreciate any help/ contact info you could give me,

Aaron Garrett