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01-24-2008, 09:50 PM
What: Battle for Shrewsbury NJ ( 07702 )

When: Saturday, January 26, 10:00 AM

Where: 464 Broad St (Rt 35), Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (Intersection of White Rd and Rt 35)

Who should come: We are looking for Ron Paul soldiers willing to brave the cold for a few hours to distribute flyers, slimjims or whatever other materials we have door to door in this neighborhood. All are welcome, the more the better. We have at least 6 confirmed.

Why: We are down to the wire. We have this weekend and next before the Feb 5 elections. Help get the word out!

Event Description: "Low Carb Connection", a sugar free bakery on the corner of Broad St (35) and White Rd in Shrewsbury NJ will be the meetup/center point of this battle. The owner Debra has been flying a Ron Paul sign out in front of her shop for about a month now, in a very busy location. Our plan is take advantage of her sign placement and drive home the name "Ron Paul" to residents of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury meets all of the typical signs of a good Ron Paul support base - average income, average home cost, mostly natural born citizens (vs a town like Long Branch where most residents are first or second generation immigrants) and best of all, the houses are close enough together that we can distribute flyers to door steps quickly.

I have 1000 flyers, each 2 pages ready to be distributed. Two members are also bringing their remaining slim jims which should be about 500 of those.

The plan will be to split up into small teams of 2. Depending on the number of people who show up, we'll send either one team of 2 with all 500 slimjims, or two teams of 2 with 250 slim jims each to hit car windshields at "The Grove" - an upscale shopping center in Shrewsbury about 1/4 mile south on 35 from the meeting point. If a second team is available, that team can walk up Broad St/35 towards Red Bank and hit car windshields in shopping centers/on the streets with a slim jim. The other teams of two will go door to door and deliver the message of liberty and freedom directly to the door handles of all houses in the neighborhood.

There is a map of the target area at:

Ideally, we would hit the square formed by rt 520 and Sycamore bounded by Rt 35 and Shrewsbury Ave as I know there is dense housing in this area. We'd also have a team hit the triangle formed by Rt 35/NJ Transit Train tracks and Sycamore.

If there are enough people/materials - we can also send a team along White Rd towards Little Silver up to Branch Ave.

The goal will be to distribute all of the materials we have as quickly as possible. A team of 4 of us distributed flyers in Oceanport NJ a few nights ago and hit about 200 houses in an hour and half at night. If we have 8 people, I believe we can get all 1000 flyers and all 500 slim jims distributed in about 3 hours.

Bring any large signs and posters you may have with you, if you arrive to the meetup location early, this is a GREAT location for a sign wave. As we wait for people to arrive and get organized, we can get a sign wave going on Rt 35. Debra has indicated that this area is very high traffic that time of day. I can confirm that and in addition can note that the traffic lights are long, traffic backs up, there is a bus stop there, when the train passes by, traffic gets extra backed up. This is a GREAT location and great opportunity.

Please come out to help, we need boots on the ground and time is running short.

When? Saturday, January 26th From 10AM to about 1PM?
Where? 464 Broad St (Rt 35), Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 (Intersection of White Rd and Rt 35)
Who? 5+ (PLEASE!) 10+ would be better
What? Door-to-Door Flyer distribution

Please email me or the list if you plan to attend so that we know to wait for you before we head out. I'll provide my cell # to anyone coming in case you need directions, etc.

Learn more here: