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  1. Here it is -- Let's Go!
  2. meetup competetion?
  3. Whoever has a blog or anything
  4. What is the Feb 1st website??!!
  5. Digg -- Anniversary money bomb
  6. Don't have money to donate? Earn Extra Money by donating your Plasma!
  7. I have sent email to ronpaulgraphs
  8. Faux News Money Bomb Feb 1st!!
  9. Still think this is the best promo video out there.
  10. This Board Needs to be on The Front Page
  11. www.FiftyOneYears.com
  12. Have an e-card to sign?
  13. Which is the official site for this moneybomb?
  14. Promotional Gizmos for PaulFamilyValues.com Anniversary moneybomb
  15. Last crosspost, add this to the Feb. 1st Bomb..raise extra $ for RP via Cell Phone!
  16. Why isn't this hitting the meetups?
  17. Anyone organizing to contact all MySpace and Facebook users?
  18. TYPO! The site says $15 not $51
  19. I think $15 pledges Won't be Enough. It Needs to be Raised
  20. Most important post :) Organize now
  21. Previous Money Bomb Email Lists Need New Subject Lines When Emailed About This
  22. Which website do you prefer?
  23. ****************Delete Thread************
  24. Microsoft , Yahoo and Google
  26. so, IS this the offical 5million dollar run?
  27. Going for Gold Rally idea on Feb 2 Gold Rush Anniversary
  28. A Huge amount would get at least ...
  29. Feb 1st Money Bomb Viral Squad
  30. Contacting meetups for Feb 1st moneybomb
  31. Tell 10 people you know about RP!
  32. Perhaps this video should be on one of the money bomb sites!
  33. And if you're within driving distance of ATL . . .
  34. 3 things needed on FiftyOneYears.com
  35. Here is kind of a way to contact meetup groups:
  36. Have emailed 3 of the largest anti-fox news sites about the moneybomb
  37. Ronpaulgraphs shows graph, BUT...
  38. Liberty Tax date change
  39. We need to market aggressively for 2/1 Moneybomb! Pledge to libertytax08.com!
  40. Email Your Meetups
  41. The Ultimate Plan for Feb 1st!!
  42. An Idea For LibertyTax08.org
  43. Ron & Carol Paul 51st ANNIVERSARY on Feb 1st, 2008... $51 MONEY BOMB DONATIONS
  44. Wow! Now 598 pledges on fiftyoneyears.com!!
  45. We need Trevor's Email List
  46. Three Money Bombs In February! Now combined into two.
  47. Ron Paul's Golden Hour - Feb.1st - 12am-1am ET - $1 MILLION in 1 HOUR
  48. New Video On Ron Paul's 51st Wedding Anniversary
  49. Email list for RP forums??
  50. I need quality myspace bulletins designed
  51. Feb. 1st moneybomb
  52. Someone needs to make an inspirational video!
  53. We are getting burried on Digg HELP!
  54. Important Notice for February 1st Mass Donation Day
  55. Operation Groundhog Day!!!
  56. Move Money out of PayPal
  57. How is this possible?
  58. To Give or not to give
  59. Snazzy Myspace HTML Bulletin Post (Courtesy Of Kacela)
  60. Tax Refund Money Bomb
  61. Post meetup groups that HAVE the feb 1st money bomb on calendar
  62. Donating the Economic Stimulus Refund
  63. Ron Paul Wedding Bomb!
  64. How can I get the gold bar widget?
  65. Feb 1st Money Bomb follows Q4 fundraising release
  66. Informing the meetups!
  67. Can someone explain about 51 dollar site??
  68. Feb 1st money bomb banner?
  69. Ron Paul's Fundraising
  70. The Extreme Importance Of The Next Money Bomb
  71. I'm broke, im maxed out, I cant donate what can we do?
  72. Contact ALL previous money bomb site owners!!!
  73. 800 new pledges today
  74. Feb. 1st Video to Spread
  75. ---> Facebook group <---
  76. My updated version of the MySpace bulletin. - Repost Buttons don't work anymore
  77. Need a youtube video commenting team , who can help?
  78. A little note from NJ
  79. Myspace Bulletin w/ the NEW vid! (or old if u want)
  80. Why are you donating on the 1st?
  81. Separate from the campaign?
  82. Ron Paul Happy Hour
  83. Ron Paul On Pace to Beat Yesterday's Funding!
  84. Digg for FiftyOneYears.com
  85. When will the FEC put up Q4 numbers
  86. Just got this email from freeatlast2008
  87. Giuliani gone celebration money bomb!
  88. A new digg for FiftyOneYears.com
  89. Will the meetup competetion start on feb 1st?
  90. Getting Ready for the Moneybomb....
  91. We need to get this money bomb on the main ron paul site and here is an idea???
  92. Continued To Be Amazed! Only $170,000 Away From $4Million!
  93. Awesome... Just Awesome...
  94. FED cuts another 1/2 pt that is 1.25 in 1 week! Things must be Really BAD !
  95. Dig in for the Doctor!!!!!!!
  96. Any viral videos for the moneybomb?
  97. Upload A New Youtube Video Now, Let`s Make It Popular!
  98. Guys, we have allmost 300 000 donors in these three addresses, spread the word online
  99. PLEASE HELP: AN EASY $2,300 for Ron Paul's Campaign!
  100. Remember the Spartans
  101. Question about donating
  102. 51st Anniversary video to spread
  103. Feb. 1: Fundraising Projections?
  104. Thank you for your generous donation
  105. ***EVERYONE WITH A MYSPACE: Bulletin this TODAY
  106. Help! Donation cap is figured how?
  107. Idea to get the word out to donate on myspace
  108. Maxed Out? Donate Here on Feb 1st:
  109. I am donating
  110. Meetup Alliance
  111. Make This Your Default Myspace Picture ! ! !
  112. Email and Remind Your Meetups
  113. Fundraising methods - if we all of these things we will at least match our own record
  114. I Feel even if $51 Million was raised...MSM will talk about HILLARY/OBAMA Debate
  115. Getting word huck fans want to help our fight?
  116. 30k more!!!
  117. Has someone emailed all the meetups and myspace people?
  118. HEY GUYS, this ones for us..enjoy
  119. $51 each from 6 family members tomorrow!
  120. T-Minus 3 Hours till offensive
  121. Tonight.... We Unite!!
  122. Just spread the word on YAHOO BOARDS !
  123. Inspiration: MSM's Best Kept Secret
  124. If Paul runs 3rd Party, we can donate another $ 2,300?
  125. MoneyBomb Last Chance!!!!
  126. New Email from Campaign - Incentive to Donate!
  127. Hold!!!!
  128. Someone?
  129. We gotta get pumped
  130. McCain Vs. Ron Paul Showdown
  131. People are donating early...
  132. Taxes
  133. T-Minus 10 Minutes..
  134. Digg the Bomb If You Haven't Already!
  135. Still Hold
  136. Now!!!!!!!!
  137. Wait 5 more minutes!
  138. Should I donate at the 12-1am slot or after?
  139. Tchaikovsky 1812 overture YET AGAIN!!
  140. $3,987,813.99 Starting Point
  141. First Again!!!
  142. Bombs Away!!!!!!!!!
  143. Gogogogogogogo!!!!
  144. Post Your Confirmation Here
  145. Anyone who donates more than $201........
  146. When you read this we will be at 4 million for January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. $10,000 in 5 minutes.
  148. $4million!
  149. One Love
  150. Moneybomb graph!
  151. Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. 100 New Donors so far today!
  153. We Broke $4 MILLION!!!!!!!
  154. My Note To Ron & Carol
  155. come on first time donors ....where are you?
  156. How is Huckabee's money bomb today doing?
  157. RP vs Huckabee today.
  158. F U Frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. How quickly can we get past 100k?
  160. Let's do this!!!!!!
  161. New Doners ROCK!! Keep it going!
  162. For FREEDOM!!
  163. Every cent we donate
  164. On pace for $1M day. Not Bad :)
  165. A Little video I made for the money bomb..
  166. Hello Huckabee supporters!
  167. Carol Paul's "The American Dream"
  168. Flying high ....
  169. 71,5xx for the first hour....excellent!
  170. Why we need to keep donating
  171. This money bomb better pick up the pace...
  172. DIGG the moneybomb.
  173. URGENT! Need to promote Money Bomb
  174. Brilliant strategy by the campaign
  175. New Ron/Carol pic on main site!
  176. Post Donation Now!
  177. **the Official Digg**
  178. **Read**: If you have never donated...
  179. $100K in just over 2 hours!
  180. Factor in any tax refunds you are due into what you can give!..If you filed.
  181. we need more than your donation.... we need you to P R O M O T E
  182. Kick Butt Fund Raising Idea
  183. black line or green line?
  184. Any estimates if rate continues?
  185. New to donating... have ?s
  186. Donations should begin to pick up this hour....I hope
  187. 200 New Donors Today!
  188. If just HALF of Ron's Myspace Friends (which would be 60,000) each donated $51...
  189. At this very moment 50% of donors are new!
  190. 10 reasons to donate your first $10, today.
  191. We have to beat Huckabee. Huckabee is having his money bomb today too.
  192. Everyone waking up on the east coast
  193. Call Your Friends in the West!!!!
  194. Today's total is in the list of top 10 days for donations!!
  195. Donations????
  196. Today's theme song
  197. The Greatest Thing We Have Done For Ron Paul
  198. Didn't donate, but did just buy 3,000 slim-jims and other for canvassing
  199. Leave the meetup groups to me atm
  200. Broke Broke Broke...but...
  201. Who runs these money bombs?
  202. just donated
  203. Get a screenshot of your name.
  204. I DONATED... my first ever
  205. This thing needs to pick up speed!
  206. Happy Anniversary Ron and Carol. From Australia! [YOUTUBE]
  207. Today is now in the top 5 largest donation days!
  208. $51.51 just sent!
  209. anyone at work and can't donate right now?
  210. Need your input - how to reach out to family and friends?
  211. Is it ok to donate several times?
  212. $5Million Dollar boost Widget is misleading
  213. Question to new donors
  214. The British want us to donate today!
  215. Today is already a good day!
  216. 4th Best Day////Can We Make 3rd?
  217. ThanksAlotMcCain...Campaign financereform
  218. The other half - Carol Paul
  219. 1000 NEW Donors
  220. I'm Only 13, But I Sent $9, Which is all of my Paypal Money
  221. When does $2,300 limit reset?
  223. Have we posted the money bomb everywhere possible?
  224. Let's Double our Donations in Support of MTV Dialogue
  226. Who's in for a 5:00 est "mini bomb"?
  227. Watch This Video and You'll Be Donating
  228. 700k!!!
  229. Keep It Going!! Give In The Name Of Freedom!!
  230. I just donated! Now it's your turn! Yeah you!
  231. Will We Break $1 MILLION?
  232. If you're maxed out..
  233. 1300 + new donors!!
  234. Dec 31st Updated Finance Reports! They are all Broke and in DEBT!
  235. IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONATED---Things to do
  236. Who's up for an 8 est "mini bomb"?
  237. Let's speed this up
  238. 800K!! 4.5 hours to go....
  239. Spent more on Ron Paul's anniversary than your own?
  240. Promotion Blitz Now!
  241. Widget: "Celebrating 51 Years of Marriage."
  242. RP Live now in Colorado
  243. I am on the verge of loosing my job and I gave...
  244. >>>>>>Three more hours.... DIG DEEP!<<<<<<
  245. Trevor when is the Next MoneyBomb???
  246. Amazing new Ron Paul/Carol Paul Movie!! Must See! Money Bomb!! [You Tube]
  247. $100,000 away from $1 Mil---2.5 Hours to Go
  248. $90 Thousand away from $1million!
  249. Let's turn this into a 5 day money train
  250. Another money bomb before Feb. 5th?