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  1. Mainstream Republican candidate killer question for Politico debate. Comment here
  2. DEBATE JAN 30th
  3. EVERYONE online, can you give 3 minutes right now to vote up 4 CNN debate questions!
  4. If Dr. Paul wants to win the debate on 1/30...
  5. **before Voting On The Questions In The Politico Debate**
  6. On CNN Debate - Should Ron Paul...
  7. CNN Debate - RP Confirmed?
  9. Anybody else going to California Debate?
  10. My Take on what ROn needs to do for the Debate...
  11. Ron Is At Tomorrow's CNN Debate, Right?
  12. OFFICIAL: Rudy not in debate!
  13. Ron paul needs to have a goldwater moment tomorrow at the debate
  14. CNN Debate 1/30: Phase 2 of our strategy. ACT NOW
  15. Tonights debate
  16. The Debate Tonight
  17. Debate Question?
  18. At Debate Tonight, It's Time for RP to be AGGRESSIVE
  19. Debate tonight
  20. What "soundbites" do you want to hear tonite
  21. If Giuliani is in tonight's debate, Ron needs to attack him relentlessly.
  22. can we get a cali debate board please?
  23. Politico Debate
  24. If Mr. Guilliani is in tonight's debate
  25. Paul needs to make McCains temper an issue.
  26. Fair time tonight?
  27. Why We Want Huckabee To Sound Like Ron Paul
  28. In a spare moment I'd like to see...
  29. Last Primary Debate?
  30. The other candidate's weaknesses
  31. Ron needs to explain the constitution tonight. Voters are stupid
  32. GOP Debate info - help
  33. Things for Ron to slam McCain on
  34. Arizona Newspaper questions McCain's Temper Tantrums
  35. If we attack now we'll look grumpy and petty.
  36. The microphone sucks!!!
  37. Quote Reagan in the debate
  38. Vote for Questions in the Debate
  39. Are there rules that cover all televised GOP debates?
  40. Invoking Reagan's name
  41. Apathy in America And Our Loss Of Freedom
  42. Keep the responses short and to the point.
  43. is the debate streamed online anywhere?
  44. Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate: January 30, 2008 Official Thread
  45. Tonights debate is in California and they will allow applause!
  46. Only way to steal tonight's debate
  47. When is Debate?
  48. Romney needs Paul
  49. Place a bet (for 2/1 money bomb) that..
  50. Make this an issue!
  51. Predications for total speaking time.
  52. Do you think Paul & Huck should team up against the McRomney duo?
  53. Anderson Cooper is Moderating Tonight
  54. Romney will be on the WARPATH tonight
  55. A couple of thoughts for tonight
  56. URGENT: The debate's on CNN, right?
  57. Where it's streaming online!
  58. Ron Paul need to ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!! 2nite
  59. Important: Please record and YouTube the entire debate
  60. Decided to play donation bingo during debate tonight...any ideas?
  61. A Donation Wager....
  62. Guliani is out of the debate tonight
  63. Giuliani: "If I endorsed anyone else, I'd be called a flip-flopper".
  64. "did you talk to Ron Paul?"
  65. Hey guess what, NO ONE watches these "debates"
  66. over / under on McCain saying "my friends"
  67. Watching CNN and I see a BAD MOON RISING
  68. Will it really be for 2 hours?
  69. Are You Ready?
  70. People are not aware of the matching funds situation
  71. Make sure to get the right no.
  72. I need help counting tonight - RonPaulDebatingGame.com
  73. RP must be iron man tonight
  74. The only good thing about Ron Paul getting 3% in Florida
  75. A little prayer for Ron Paul right before the debate
  76. Streaming Link
  77. Ron needs to ask
  78. CNN utters the P word several times, in the last hour!
  79. Just found this gem from a previous debate
  80. Direct Link?
  81. Dobbs is pissed off tonight...
  82. Any debate drinking games?
  83. watch debate for people at work
  84. No Rules, No Time Limits!
  85. Streaming link plz
  86. Evertime the moderator addresses Paul for a question, please say a prayer!
  87. I heard Rons secret plan for the night...
  88. GOOD Ron Paul is in the Middle...Cameras can't Hide!
  89. streaming debate (no need to download anything)
  90. Please Join Us in Prayer and Positive Thought During the Debate
  91. You can still vote on the questions for the debates...
  92. The real contest tonight:
  93. The Blah blah Thread!!!!
  94. t minus 20 seconds until McAmnesty says "my friends"
  95. Already impressed
  97. I saw huckabee look at Rons notes
  98. McCain: "I think you could argue..."
  99. McCain screws the pooch on defining the housing problem!
  100. Why did they go out of order to huckabee?
  101. LOL Ron paul is sitting next Jonh McCain and Mike Huck
  102. Did Anderson Just Skip over Dr. Paul?!
  103. Dr. Paul Looks Fresh!!!!
  104. skipped in the first question
  105. Thanks for skipping Paul doucebag!
  106. That Was A Close One!!
  107. 12 minutes in, McCain says "my friend"
  108. Why Didn't Paul Call Out McCain For Saying 'Low Inflation'???
  109. They make RP go last, so he has less to talk about
  110. Mcnamedropper Does It Again
  111. McInsane, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah"...
  112. Yep, it's official: Mitt Romney is a robot
  113. McCain vs Romney Debate ???
  114. Official "Can Non-Paulites Understand What He's Saying?" Thread
  115. Anderson DID IT AGAIN
  116. Tax Hike Mike is talking
  117. Ron Seems Really Uncomfortable Having To Sit Amongst These Idiots
  118. Why Suprised?
  119. Another Bullshit Debate! Official teeth gnashing thread!
  120. WTF, talk to Ron Paul!
  121. How on Earth can the average Amercian...
  122. Debate tip for Romney...
  123. Mccain = Federalist
  124. Rudy Giuliani talks about Ron Paul [Youtube]
  125. 4th time I heard McCain's lil speech
  126. I just tuned in - What happened
  127. This is not a fair and balanced debate!
  128. March 2008 Debate
  129. questions should be tabled for all
  130. Live coverage of GOP debate on Ron Paul Radio
  131. I can't listen to this anymore.
  132. So every time McCain or Romney speaks...
  133. All They Do Is Ramble On And On And On And On And On......
  134. Worst Debate Yet
  135. 25 minutes in...
  136. paul and huck should start playing tick-tack-toe
  137. 3rd Paul snub
  138. F*ck Paul Do Something!!!
  139. Tip to everyone watching debate:
  140. Huck must be pissed
  141. Paul sure as hell better mention this unfairness next time he talks
  142. F**k You Anderson
  143. What The Fu*k!???!
  144. Vote for questions!!!!
  145. What The @$#(%&@#?!?!?!
  146. What?!?!?!?
  147. States Rights
  148. CNN The Not So Most Trusted Name In News
  149. Unbefuckinleivable!!!!
  150. WTF WAS THAT. anderson just cut him off.
  151. I just threw something at the TV
  152. Huckabee solution to global warming: build more roads.
  153. Are you pissed yet???
  154. F U Cooper.
  155. Go Crazy
  156. Screw This: Money Bomb Now!
  157. Persuading Schwarzenegger?
  158. Ron gets cut off - but everyone else gets endless time?
  159. I see Ron warming up !! That last answer proves it! an hour and a half to go yet !
  160. Watching the little red line while they talk
  161. debate audience
  162. McCain "A house in Norway"
  163. They all sounded retarded compared to DR. PAUL
  164. Hucks agenda
  165. They cut off Paul but let anyone else talk as long as they want
  166. Get off of Foreign policy for a bit please.
  167. McCain said that Ron Paul and him oppose wasteful spending!
  168. Politico questions
  169. McCain just admitted he doesnt believe in the constitution
  170. All things go, so Ron should ask a question:
  171. HAHA McCain is an idiot
  172. Keeping track of time and questions
  173. "No one is talking about cutting the military"
  174. ** CNN Phone Numbers
  175. Reagan Revolution
  176. Maybe the Scientologists can help us "out" Cooper. There are pics somewhere.
  177. Should Ron Paul Call MSNBC on their blackout?
  178. You'll have another chance to answer in like two minutes I promise...
  179. RP will get less time than the MSNBC debate...
  180. the tree of liberty
  181. Huckabee lives in a DREAMLAND
  182. AHHHHH, CNN is pissing me off...
  183. where are the questions for RP?
  184. Anderson Cooper: Boxers, briefs, or elephant trunk thong?
  186. What is ron paul doodling on his paper?
  187. RomneyMcCainRomneyMcCainRomneyMcCainRomneyMcCain.. .
  188. Youruber needed
  189. oh my god....
  190. Operation: Storm the front!
  191. Ron needs to Chew Anderson out during the break
  192. Nancy Reagan wearing Old Navy lady glasses
  193. Stop Sitting There Like A Dope!!!
  194. Just get up and leave
  195. did you see that look of frustration??
  196. Cut off again.. But McCain keeps on talking...
  197. We need to picket
  198. Reagan Library Romney McCain Debate
  199. This debate is a joke
  200. Oh. My. God.
  201. anderson just cut RP off
  202. Please tell him to get mad
  203. holy s@^# anderson didn't just do that!!
  204. Since when are the media moderators the debaters?
  205. Omg!
  206. aaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  207. I'm not Ron Paul.. but I would SAY SOMETHING!!!
  208. a Nancy Reagan endorsement would be great right now
  209. 404-827-1700
  210. Dr. Paul should FUCKING SCREAM AT COOPER...
  211. Ron Paul Should Stand Up and LEAVE!
  212. RP better get some nads
  213. Two minutes were up a half hour ago
  214. There's a fine line being nice guy and wussy!
  215. CNN...the most dishonest name in news.
  216. I've been watching this s@^# for 54 minutes...
  217. 2 minutes was up along time ago.
  218. The Bias In This Debate Is BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. Cut off Paul but let McCain ramble on in slow motion for 10 minutes at a time
  220. Tell Cnn What You Think Of The Debate
  221. This debate is REAL TIME - WE CAN CHANGE ITS OUTCOME!
  222. If I was Ron
  223. will RP say anything during the break?
  224. Ron Paul can turn this thing around in TEN seconds, check this out:
  225. ron needs to get PISSED in the second half here!
  226. I can't take this...I can't hold in my rage any longer
  227. Stealth Weapon for the debate - Raise more money
  228. They're Doing It On Purpose, Guys. It's for US.
  229. Comment at CNN Politics (url)
  230. Am I nuts or is this a total DISGRACE?
  231. Take a look at this picture again ...
  232. We Have To Do Something About This!!!
  233. The Red Line?
  234. Come on Ron!!! Use your Gamma Ray Liberty beam eyesight!!!
  235. Interruption donations
  236. Last GOP debate: Paul should make his mark now
  237. Re Air?
  238. Jesse Ventura faced the same challenges in Minnesota
  239. RP spoke for 9 seconds on O'Connor while McCain ...
  240. I just tuned in
  241. Ron Paul will win and this will be played as laughing stock later
  242. It is time for a peaceful protest. We need to pick a date, time and place
  243. Leave your comments here for CNN
  244. I would like to start with governor Romney
  245. It's the LA Times lady
  246. Cnn Brought Down Comment Server!
  247. CNN can get so much @#$% from Fox
  248. Channel the anger!! Go Donate!!
  249. This really is quite bad
  250. Anderson Cooper was a CIA member? google it