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  1. D IGG: CNN - Without Honor and Lying
  2. Anyone have the speaking time?
  3. My God, did you guys watch the Spin Room interview?
  4. Definition Of Insanity
  5. Utterly disappointed, and you are too
  6. Today's donations 5K away from hitting the top 15! Donate now! One hour left!
  7. Huck ad on CNN after debate
  8. CNN just showed a clip of the republicans talking about Reagan..
  9. Smackdown of CNN and their 'top dogs'
  10. why doesnt reagans wife.............
  11. Ron Paul Interiew Post CA Debate 1/30/08 - CNN.com Live
  12. Rush Limbaugh - The Enemy of Our Enemy is Our Friend
  13. John McCain, Enabler of Oligarchy - D ig g It!
  14. Everyone DONATE NOW!! $99,000 until $4,000,000!!
  15. Good Performance Tonight and Someone gained my respect
  16. Anderson Cooper's CIA Past
  17. outside the debates.. Paul ruled
  18. I kid you not...After the debate there were MANY emails wanting to know more about RP
  19. Losing the will to fight.
  20. Vote in this poll, please!
  21. McLying v. Ron Paul (LewRockwell.com)
  22. McCain and the Button
  23. Spin Room youtube?
  24. Ponder this...Who IS Ron Paul?
  25. Jack Kemp Thread
  26. As President I.......
  27. you tube of the entire debate?
  28. Wiggle it Anderson!...
  29. Have you seen this CNN comment thread... check it out!
  30. The Real Strategy Behind Ron Paul
  31. Once again, Ron Paul Pwned
  32. Is it possible
  33. 140k today so far
  34. We Raised Over $140K Today & 1,980 New Donors
  35. Who did Ronald Reagan endorse
  36. We love you, Ron!
  37. Best Performance Yet
  38. AOL post debate poll - we are loosing!
  39. Those smirks....
  40. How the Debates have been Co-Opted
  41. Many will think Romney won the debate
  42. Ron Paul not fighting?
  43. tonight's debate clips on youtube
  44. Reagan' s 4 Principles
  45. A little inspiration
  46. A debate breakthrough scenario:
  47. $1,390 in first 15 minutes
  48. Mitt Romney just announce he will not be advertising in any states for Super Tuesday.
  49. Sheeple ad...
  50. Losing AOL Debate Poll
  51. Anybody got a debate screenie of.....
  52. 7 minutes and 49 seconds of brilliance tonight on youtube
  53. RP Supporter in Luntz Focus group
  54. Seriously people
  55. I just woke up.. how did it go?
  56. This video will make you feel better about the debate:
  57. Man, he OWNED on the Reagan question!!
  58. >>>>>Gaining The Will To Fight!<<<<<
  59. Just watch...and gain strength.
  60. The China Syndrome
  61. Uniquicivobobobly
  62. America needs to learn about the injustice of the media
  63. For God's Sakes..Someone Please Upload..
  64. Can someone compile a list of advertisers for tonights debate?
  65. I gave $1000.00
  66. Ron Pauls 10 seconds of time changed a LOT of people, trust me.
  67. Should Dr. Paul keep on using the word "Empire"?
  68. Frank Luntz Poll
  69. Politico Top Ten Questions NOT USED!!!
  70. Ahnold is a little girly man! to endorse McSith?!
  71. Romney: Military, We Ought to Grow It! (and his corps)
  72. My debate analysyis
  73. This is the video that needs to go viral from the debate.
  74. I Love This (pic):
  75. If you are in process of making a youtube, tell us about it here
  76. Murdock Machine
  77. Pictures from Outside the Debate
  78. Total Times For ALL Candidates?
  79. Ron Paul looked AWESOME
  80. Please Pass this advice to Ron Paul's advisors
  81. I missed hearing Rudy laugh during the debate...
  82. Ron Paul scores really well with war response?
  83. The Runaway American Dream
  84. Ron Paul Post CNN Debate Speech [You Tube] !!!
  85. Don't sing lullabies to your children to get the to sleep...
  86. McCain and the typical debate format
  87. *Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers*
  88. CNN Presents the Smug A-holes of the Year Awards (apologies in advance)
  89. More open mined than most, my thoughts on the debate...
  90. Where was THIS Ron Paul at?
  91. Luntz Group; Ron Paul Supporter
  92. **slam Dunk**
  93. *****************************Ron Paul Highlights: Reagan Library Debate Jan. 30, 2008
  94. November 5th creator meets Ron Paul at rally
  95. Ron and Huck should schedule their own debate
  96. McCain & Romney Dominated The Four Candidate Forum
  97. Why are some people so desperate for lovin' from the other candidates????
  98. Ron Paul vs. John McCain
  99. Should ron have interrupted the McCain/Romney cat fight?
  100. Some positive comments from the left
  101. AOL poll- We're losing bad.
  102. The Mainstream Media Handbook
  103. To "losing the will to fight ..."
  104. Anderson Cooper - Needs a pie in the face?
  105. What is wrong with us!!!
  106. Drop outs
  107. Default ***Awesome Message From The Campaign, How to Win the Ground War************
  108. CQ on debate--pretty good for us
  109. Hotline on the debate
  110. Has anyone looked to see what viewers are saying
  111. Leave feedback for Panderson stooper.
  112. caller spoke about ron paul on cspan
  113. Cooper is a role model of 1984
  114. Another Issue-less Debate!
  115. Ron Paul Scored High On CNN Ticker For Economy
  116. Huckabee, Paul stress they are part of Republican race
  117. Ron Paul / Mike Huckabee ticket?
  118. Speaking times?
  119. Check out the Ricoact dot com
  120. What was up with Romney looking at the Mods?
  121. Should Paul attend the CNN democratic debate, per Anderson Cooper's invitation?
  122. Agreements between CNN and the campaigns?
  123. Best Quote for what happened last night
  124. Whats with that smirk?
  125. An e-mail sent to me by my McCain supporting Friend
  126. I'll turn this debate around right now....
  127. Video Genius help please
  128. What does it tell us when McCain apparently 'won' this debate?
  129. Send manure and chicken crap to CNN/Cooper
  130. Post your e-mails to Anderson Cooper...
  131. CNN et al clearly do not know the difference between "debate" and "interview"
  132. Mccain's Frightening "bomb Iran" Youtube
  133. Questions on Politico.com
  134. 50% of todays donors are new donors.
  135. "Reagan campaigned for me"
  136. Very Good Ron Paul Highlights Edit!
  137. "As for Rep. Ron Paul of Texas..."
  138. McCain and Korea
  139. Ron Pauls American Dream - the best ad ever
  140. With the time allotted how do you rate Dr. Paul's performance
  141. McCain & Romney and their long-winded answers
  142. McCain Pic
  143. Petition for Apology
  144. Romney's looks to the moderators
  145. McCain and Kermit: A Comparison
  146. Ron Paul calling to talk about the issues - Fed ?
  147. congradulations mccain, your making me miss bush jr already!
  148. Talk time per candidate
  149. At This Time I Would Like To Inform You
  150. you know things are weird when us Paul soldiers agree with the neocons..........
  151. RP about to get some good airtime on CNN?
  152. About the Reagan Library Debate from a Huck Supporter
  153. I thought RP did great.
  154. Take a small break you deserve it!
  155. Politico debate poll
  156. Is John McCain the slowest speaker
  157. Be of good cheer, and worry not!
  158. Reagan endorses Ron Paul
  159. i wish wolf......
  160. Who did you lose the most respect for after last night's debate?
  161. A theory I have...
  162. Ron Paul should bring up
  163. Poll: Does 1 GOP candidate get more favorable coverage?
  164. Can someone post YOUTUBE of RON PAUL and HUCKSTER exchanging Looks/shaking heads?
  165. Regarding being "war heros"
  166. Take a page from McCain's book.
  167. Hmmm