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  1. Love Your Enemies
  2. Stop W/ The Talk Of Violence!!!!!!!!
  3. Don't feed the trolls
  5. Ron Paul's Gold Rush
  6. IMO, McCain is f_cking up.
  7. romney just glitched...
  8. Message to Ron...
  9. CNN ignores you.
  10. why are Paul and Huck even there?
  11. WTF Is This Debate About?
  12. I wish he would just get up and walk out!
  13. Is this worse than the Hillary and Obama feud?
  14. At least Fox News gave us some questions
  15. Lindsay Lohan Tan
  16. look at the girls fighting
  17. the problem with this debate is anderson cooper
  18. What time is this over?
  19. Don't Get Mad - Get EVEN!
  20. Why did they even invite Huckabee and Paul?
  21. Type inhere to release stress
  22. bicker, bicker, bicker,.... and debate done
  23. Huckabee and Ron should have brought a deck of cards
  24. Lets kick out McCain and Romney and give Paul and Huckabee some time...
  25. Is CNN in violation of the EQUAL TIME laws
  26. RP should be like this:
  27. I don't agree with the idea that Ron should walk out.
  28. I have never been more ashamed of my country
  29. Oh, wow, they asked him a perfect question. Jeez, big mistake.
  30. Go Ron go!!!
  31. You go paul...
  32. Romney calls CNN out for being unfair to HIM?? :confused:
  33. GO PAUL! Good stuff!
  34. Gloves off moneybombing!!
  35. Bravo!!!
  36. Finally, Huckabee Speaks up!
  37. Did Huck just plug Ron Paul? (and himself)
  38. He Speaks!!!!
  39. Woooooow!
  40. M-m-m-m-m-monsterkillkillkill
  41. Ron just smoked them...
  42. Go Huckabee
  43. Ron Paul just destroyed the other candidates
  44. I love huckabee now
  45. Ron Paul just made up for all this s@^#!
  46. Oh Man Multiple Rongams
  47. That's My F'ing Boy!!! And Now Huckabee Stating The Obvious!
  48. For those watching the red line...how did that rate?
  49. Yeah!!!!!!!!
  50. Ron Paul hits a homerun, not just over the fence, but far enough to hit Iraq itself
  51. Huck hasa bigger set than Paul
  52. "Its american Casualities, not american presence"
  53. McCain fights back, why doesn't ROn?
  54. Wtg!
  55. "Americans are gonna come home in honor"
  56. Oh wow, Huckabee upset hes being left out
  57. screw romney, but at least he'll stand up for himself and jump in.
  58. I am Proud of Ron Paul. I AM PROUD OF US
  59. Take that shower and shove it up your ass
  60. Good Job but....
  61. RP should sell his debate notes on ebay
  62. TUMBLE WHOREEEEEEEe!!!!!!!!!!
  63. does anyone get an adrenaline rush when paul speaks?
  64. has ron answered a question yet?
  65. McCain: Putin this is a question about Germany, right?
  66. Romney again - MUTE time!
  67. 1445 people viewing - let's all donate 5 bucks now
  68. I turned it off just now
  69. Chills
  70. When I hear the word "media," I reach for my gun.
  71. Leading in the Navy quualifies you to handle the economy?
  72. Ron Paul Debate Money Bomb! Over 100,000 for the day raised so far...Make it 200,000
  73. McCain: "Hurr, leading airplanes is like leading an economy."
  74. Lol "I have been involved in every major security crisis in the last twenty years.."
  75. Anderson Cooper is a worthless piece of $hit
  76. "Gov. Romney I have to let you in on this"?
  77. Perfect qustion for Ron Paul to ask.
  78. Anybody uploading Ron's replies on Youtube?
  79. McCain state of the union
  80. ** Debate YouTubes Here **
  81. oh snap is he gonna speak up!
  82. $10 per minute of Paul speaking
  83. Three @#$%*(@) Times In One Night!!
  84. McCain blatantly lied
  85. This is the perfect example of how the media is setting the stage
  86. CNN Censoring Paul comments!!!
  87. Did anyone else notice Huck and Paul look at each other and shake their heads?
  88. Flash Of Brilliance
  89. this is an outrage!!!
  90. Paul tells Huck, "Welcome to the club pal."
  91. Maybe huckabee will support Ron Paul now..
  92. The audience needs to start speaking out!!!
  93. The Mccain and Romney show
  94. Hell Unleashed!
  95. Huck speaks up again.
  96. Let the People Be Free
  97. Huckabee hits another homerun
  98. another great answer
  99. And do you notice . . .
  100. Walking-Out is the Best Action
  101. Did anyone just catch that?
  102. Angry about the debate?
  103. Final question: Why would Reagan Endorse You?
  104. Omg Omg
  105. YouTube of the Rongasm
  106. I now understand why the Vietnamese...
  107. Paul: "Reagan Did Endorse Me" is the answer he should give
  108. Official "Anderson Cooper Cuts Off Ron Paul" Thread
  109. Huck was used as a pawn
  110. Stop Printing Da Money!!
  111. the reagan question
  112. Ron Paul Should Show Up
  113. Ron Paul won.. hands down
  114. Reagan & Paul
  115. i don't blame ron paul... blame cnn
  116. Ron got claps for monetary policy talk...
  117. Spot the elitist in the crowd!!! LOLLL
  118. Ron Stuck to Economics
  119. Ron Paul should take AC up on his offer
  120. What a waste of time...
  121. Notice what Ron Paul is doing
  122. Did anyone here that very last whisper before cnn tuned out?
  123. Ron Paul ends with the GOLD!!!
  124. Schwarzenegger endorsing McCain tomorrow
  125. Romney lies about timetable
  126. CNN: Without Honor and Lying: Blog Article
  127. Cavs vs Blazers
  128. Was that Ron lecturing Anderson?
  129. stop the negativity
  130. SLAM CNN with calls and emails!
  131. anyone got a youtube?
  132. Why Doesn't Paul Stand Up and Say to the People ....
  133. CHEATER! McCain caught trying to look at Ron Paul's notes.
  134. was that frasier?
  135. That was the last debate before super tuesday
  136. TV Advertising is the Only way to Break Through!
  137. Ron Was INCREDIBLE On The 100 Years and Other Iraq Question.
  138. Damn. The MSM is powerful
  139. Ron Walked Away From the Bunch
  140. McCain ,Romney - schoolchildren
  141. 1 Nice Thing For Sure
  142. If you're here, you already knew what we were up against
  143. Where are the polls?
  144. DONATE... Ron Paul needs the money now! woot
  145. Is This The Free Market Working?
  146. Ron Paul's statement to the Republican Party on tonights debate
  147. I WAS looking forward to Super Tuesday
  148. After-debate discussion.. $500 they wont mention Ron anymore
  149. How much do you want to bet that Huck's....
  150. Cooper: Don't Worry Congressman Paul..You'll get to talk in like.. 2 questions..
  151. Repeat After Me: Reagan Is/was Not God! He Wasn't That Great!
  152. Ron Paul Ads Prior to debate & Post-debate
  153. Was Huck used as a pawn against Ron Paul?
  154. Ron on Now spin Room!
  155. Ron's still on!
  156. They looked like children compare to Ron Paul!
  157. CNN, MSNBC, FOX = All Controlled all in collusion to further WAR?
  158. I began crying.
  159. RP mentioned twice in 'email comments' on CNN and now in the spin room!!!
  160. Is there streaming coverage of the post-debate party??
  161. Highlight of the Debate
  162. I would gain some respect for Anderson Cooper...
  163. Shwarzenegger + McCain = McBain from The Simpsons
  164. Everyone like the "Romney - McCain Debate?"
  165. Post debate coverage
  166. Here Is the Link to post comments on CNN
  167. Here's the YouTube of Ron on the economy
  168. RP on CNN
  169. Take 3 minutes to cheer up
  170. Paul-"Reagan campaigned for me!"
  171. One good thing about tonight's debate
  172. the spin room just asked ron paul if he plans to quit the bid
  173. Wall Street Journal tomorrow - ad saying Fort Knox is empty
  174. The disgust of the American people is beginning to grow!
  175. Fox News Focus Group - SOMEONE SUPPORTS PAUL!
  176. did you guys hear the slip up from that woman
  177. The chicken or the egg?
  178. 3 more email comments on CNN after spin room =5 RP email
  179. cnn just gave me a rongasm all over myself
  180. Can I get an explantion
  181. ATTENTION: McCain worried about the price of homes in Norway!
  182. I just donated
  183. Post signifying outrage and anger
  184. No text poll?
  185. Screw You Bill Of Cnn Screw You free press my ass
  186. Where can we watch parts we missed? Wait for Youtube?
  187. Is there an official time count?
  188. 1 good thing about this media bias:
  189. Can we vote on this one?
  190. IŽIve alway been a fan of Arnold, but
  191. McCain's endorsement by Rudy and Terminator will...
  192. Have to register to see the CNN online BS?
  193. Mccain Is Retarded!
  194. what are the raw numbers?
  195. Post-Debate Reviews
  196. Ron Paul should go to Democratic debate tomorrow
  197. I thought this was a good night for Paul
  198. Say what you will about FOX
  199. Did anyone else like the debate?
  200. TEXT VOTE??? is there one??
  201. Media Abuse Solution
  202. I'm not old enough to vote but this unfair debate ruined my hopes for the future!
  203. Huckabee endorsement of Paul?
  204. A quick assessment of th debate
  205. Would this Senator quit blowing McCain already
  206. Any questions on the H.R 1955 bill on the debate?
  207. No More Arguing. It"s Killing Our Unity
  208. Was Lindsey Graham drunk?
  209. Ron Paul needs to show up at the Dem debate tomorrow - to PARTICIPATE!
  210. Anderson Cooper = Douchebag
  211. Damn! I missed the Debate..
  212. Who Will be the Next US President? CNN POLL!
  213. Huck and Ron Should have walked
  214. Romney's father=Mind Control
  215. Where can I see the debate?!?! I FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!
  216. Didnt Anderson Cooper said he will come back to Paul in 2 questions
  217. One Trick Pony
  218. A YTMND that begs to be made
  219. Ron is RIGHT By 2040 The US will only have enough money to pay interest on our debts.
  220. Get some exercise - VOTE.COM!!
  221. Romney nodding?
  222. Poll: Who Won the Republican Debate Tonight?
  223. GET EXCITED designs in now to drive to next debate. RON PAUL CARS
  224. Did that b**** ask Paul ONE question!!??
  225. share of time?
  226. Paul at Democratic Debate?
  227. How can Paul not effectively communicate that voters have only 2 options??
  228. What???
  229. Any video yet?
  230. Youtube??
  231. Streaming coverage of Ron Paul after debate
  232. 6:45
  233. Boycott CNN
  234. Post Debate Poll - Go Vote!!!
  235. cnn talking about where candidates campaign
  236. Notice Other than RP no one touches the FEDERAL RESERVE topic! Because
  237. Times Each Candidate Talked
  238. Anderson Cooper Takes It In The Pooper
  239. The reason for the debate outcomes is so SIMPLE!
  240. Digg: Ron Paul R[evol]ution Car Wraps. Get RP seen Across the Country free ad space!
  241. Currently Active Users: 2005 - Will You Donate FEB.1 @ 12am-1am ET?
  242. Donate Now!
  243. Perhaps not your cup of tea
  244. I Posted this on a Christian Board I belong to...
  245. Where Is This Post Debate?!?!?!?!?!
  246. We need to get people into these debates, and shout out when we are censored
  247. Thank you MSM, you just energized the crap outta me!
  248. Ron Paul live on RPR
  249. Some great comments about the debate from CNN before they erase them
  250. Take out your frustrations by doing something about it!