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  1. Question About Super Tuesday
  2. Super Tuesday Primaries Ad Bomb? (Idea!)
  3. Does Anyone Have Names For Voters In Super Tuesday States?
  4. GIGA Tuesday Feb. 5/08
  5. Scheme for raising $20 million by Super-Tuesday: MillionPersonProtest08?
  6. Media blitz SUPER TUESDAY LOCAL papers now!!!
  7. Is it ok that I feel totally certain of our chances going into Super Tuesday??
  8. Super Tuesday Mardi Gras Bead Media Blitz
  9. I am not going to give up.. not now, not after Super Tuesday...
  10. Raising Money for Newspaper Ad on Sunday Before Super Tuesday
  11. Need help in AZ this weekend - Super Tuesday state
  12. About 4 weeks til Super Tuesday..
  13. Super Tuesday
  14. Rmember everyone ROn Paul wins Super Tuesday
  15. why we can pull through on super Tuesday and later primaries
  16. Living in a small town of a super tuesday state
  17. How will they spend the money on Super Tuesday?
  18. Assuming we fare well on Super Tuesday, what primaries occur afterwards?
  19. 2008 Super Tuesday Presidential Forum
  20. How Many Super Tuesday States Can We Take?
  21. Here's why we win on Super Tuesday
  22. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  23. Letters to SUPER TUESDAY Voters!!
  24. Super Tuesday can be ours. My explanation:
  25. What other Super Tuesday states look good for us?
  26. Super Duper Tuesday
  27. Is HQ targeting certain Super Tuesday states?
  28. Super Tuesday
  30. Why Ron Paul will win Super Tuesday!
  31. +10 000 people have understood how to win the Super Tuesday, When Do You ?!
  32. If Dr. Paul finishes strongly across the board on Super Tuesday, everything changes
  33. Super Tuesday Ideas
  34. ***Everyone Help Us To Win Super Tuesday Now***
  35. Ron Paul's projected Super Tuesday results according to AOL Straw Poll
  36. SUPER Tuesday Local Newspaper Blitz!
  37. Ron Paul and Super Tuesday?
  38. Pro Life brochure to Pass Out for Super Tuesday..converts Huckabees, Ex Freds, et a..
  39. AP: Super Tuesday won't decide nomination
  40. Good news for us: Super Tuesday Won't Decide Nominations
  41. Youtube Super Tuesday Videos/Map
  42. Full Pade Ad in primary newspaper, the Sunday before Super Tuesday!
  43. Sunday Paper Full Page Ad, Right Before Super Tuesday
  44. Incredible last minute Super Tuesday idea!
  45. Why Ron Paul WILL Win Super Tuesday.
  46. Super Tuesday : CALL4PAUL 60K = 3 Million voters!
  48. Will Ron Paul take Montana come super Tuesday?
  49. Super Tuesday!
  50. Why Ron Paul Will Win Super Tuesday
  51. Super Tuesday Report: Paul 4 Prez...good article!
  52. Good Article on Why Ron Paul will Win Super Tuesday
  53. We can win EVERY southern Super Tuesday state!
  54. What states do we have the best shots on Super Tuesday?
  55. RP in ND before Super Tuesday
  56. Could it play out like this after super tuesday?
  57. NEEDS DONATIONS!!....A Ron Paul Newspaper in EVERY Super Tuesday Home Before Feb 5th!
  58. The Ron Paul rEVOLution, Super Tuesday and “The Message!”
  59. Mike Huckabee: Will He Drop Out After Super Tuesday?
  60. Mardi Gras Super Tuesday Flyer, need opinions
  61. Super Tuesday blitz begins: We may be alone??: report from Arkansas
  62. According to MSNBC, Romney IS running ads for Super Tuesday
  63. This Worked in Louisiana, Turn the Tide on Feb. 5th!
  64. Very Very Good Thread!
  65. Super Tuesday Predictions
  66. This is how We Win on Feb. 5th, It worked in Louisiana
  67. AN newspaper AD for Tuesday morning in Super Tuesday States
  68. Donate: Why Do we want freedom or slavery?
  69. Next Debate after Super Tuesday
  70. Super Tuesday may be bad for us
  71. Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul
  72. We Are Going To Win
  73. Vote for Romney? What?
  74. Absolutely essential thread!
  75. What did Romney do the last 4 days?
  76. Ron Paul Rally from Minneapolis LIVE COVERAGE
  77. What to bring???
  78. Who is staying late? - Who is going to watch the tally?
  79. And so, it begins.
  80. Thank all Ron Paul voters tomorrow!
  81. Will the Media be embarrassed tomorrow?
  82. ************************If You Live In Super Tuesday State, Read This Now************
  83. This is it men and women, it's time for battle.
  84. Bad East Coast Turnout
  85. Republican GrassRoots...killed by the media...Grab a friend or two and go vote!
  86. So what will happen tomorrow on the 6th?
  88. RP on Cnn Video Live right now in WV
  89. Text Message Bomb - Super Tuesday
  91. Yahoo buzz numbers: 14 States Where Ron Paul Currently Leads
  92. A Hillary person tried to tell me I was wasting my vote!
  93. Someone Please Explain our Delegate Strategy?
  94. Post your best links for reliable, real-time voting number totals
  95. looks like RP got 4th in WV...
  96. Some dirt on Scaruborough since he's apparently being a douchebag today.....
  97. My Wife Voted For Ron Paul
  98. Even after you've voted!
  99. Sign-wave at polling places if you can!
  100. Fox News Displays Ron Paul First?!?!
  101. Bring signs to polling places!
  102. Super Tuesday 'I voted!' thread - CHECK IN HERE :)
  103. grassroots was supposed to be on good morning America
  104. Warning! Don't be fooled by threads that claim results!
  105. Hate to say it but Hillary/McCain is the only scenario where RP has a shot...
  106. What will people who have heard the lies that RP has dropped out do when they vote?
  107. A quick reminder!
  108. Any firsthand accounts of turnouts?
  109. Just voted in NJ
  110. Greta (foxnews) "Complaint Central" for voting problems
  111. THE WV convention is back up, lets see how this plays out.
  112. Time to do your part fellow patriots :)
  113. Help In Minnesota
  114. Great supposed Voter Fraud in my County
  115. HUCK wins West Virginia convention
  116. "All three republican candidates..."
  117. Summers County WV Cheating live on CNN [Mod: Info Disputed]
  118. One Delegate Short!
  119. Is Rush Lim. right?
  120. In my states closed primary..you can vote as an independant.
  121. Where's the best place to track real time on the inter webs?
  122. Looks like we have our first state winner
  123. 9 Voters Conformed in NE Missouri for sure!
  124. CNN: Watching Live, commentary
  125. Be Vigilina tin your Precinct Voting please
  126. Information from Blackbox for Super Tuesday
  127. 0% in West Virginia [RP was eliminated in 1st round. That is why he has 0%]
  128. Alabama Super Tuesday report
  129. Huckabee wins all 18 W.Va. delegates
  130. National Delegates won in West Virginia
  131. No mention of Louisiana!
  132. ****Official voting irregularity thread****
  133. ***********attention: Early Voters!************
  134. rooting for hillary and huck(if ron paul doesn't win)
  135. Meet and Greet
  136. MSNBC Just showed Ron Paul at 1% in Missouri
  137. National Delegates won in West Virginia
  138. Is this guy a plant?
  139. What happened in WV was an example of a brokered convention
  140. "Make Fun Buddy".... HAHAHAHAHHA!!!
  141. Election results URL for Missouri
  142. CNN admits it
  143. Phone# to FOX News Desk (yes it's real!)
  144. 3 WV Delegates!!!!!!
  145. Sky News just inofficially declared McCain as the rep winner
  146. CNN: "All 3 Republican Candidates are hitting Missouri hard...."
  147. Press Release: Ron Paul Secures Three Delegates in West Virginia State Convention
  148. Ron's best chance to win today in which states?
  149. Huck's Army thanks RP's supporters for WV Win...
  150. Sites with election results?
  151. Essentially, everything put here before 7pm EST is rubbish
  152. They are constantly discussing WV Huckabee deal and not mentioning Ron
  153. CNN is retarded
  154. Not Sure How to Title This One...
  155. Not Declared. Vote Anyway!
  156. MSNBC "McCain-Huckabee Alliance" LOL
  158. comic relief- "voter fraud?"
  159. What is the next state to report after West Virginia?
  160. TODAY: Super Tuesday! TONIGHT: Super DIEBold Stolez Our Elexion!
  161. MSM needs to be reminded that there are 4 republicans still in the race!!!
  162. Abraham Lincoln's 22 Delegates in 1860...
  163. CBS News CONTACT INFO (verified)
  164. Don't forget Reddit!
  165. CNN ignores Paul
  166. Keith Olbermann just mentioned Paul
  167. For those who want results now. . .
  168. Olbermann aknowledges Ron as the deal instigator, then MSNBC ignores again
  169. 1583 People Online Right Now *Donate $5+...*
  170. Huck coming up on CNN watch
  171. Important message from HQ
  172. Explain this Huckabee situation?
  173. Apparently Huckabee just went on CNN and backstabed us...
  174. Important New Jersey information: Independents can vote in GOP primary
  175. Leading "conservatives" prefer Hillary Clinton to Ron Paul???
  176. Anyone getting the suspicion that as long as Ron Paul is in the race...
  177. Ron Paul Leading in Montana with 1.8% reporting
  178. Politico results?
  179. Bay Buchanan on MSNBC just said "Conservatives don't support pre-emptive war"!!!!!!!
  180. CNN had Paul at 7 delegates on their board
  181. Huckabee Paul Deal (WV) absolutely STUPID
  182. >>>Streaming Resource Thread<<<
  183. Polls are closing start posting results!
  184. Georgia Polls Close at 7:00
  185. Chris Mathews just said loudly "3-WAY RACE IN GEORGIA"
  186. Do you think the media in other nations is as corrupt as ours?
  187. Mitt Romney : Crybaby extraordinaire
  188. Will LA results be announced tonight?
  189. Georgia Exit Polls on CNN
  190. MSM=The least of the worst?
  191. Politico Showing Obama won GA
  192. Georgia Results coming in
  193. Huckabee Spokeswoman Denies Deal
  194. All of this has gone COMPLETELY over my head.
  195. Tornados in TN - expect 100% to Ron Paul in those areas
  196. Faux News Cheats Paul
  197. God Has Spoken.
  198. 2nd IN MONTANA! Getting delegates in MN, AK, ND?
  199. Obama winning primaries = a big FU FRANCK
  200. Olbermann and pundit saying conservatives likely to go 3rd party if McCain wins!!!!!
  201. Alabama Results
  202. Can you guys still stand watching this propaganda?
  203. Ron Paul being completely ignored
  204. Well I'm pretty tired. What did you guys do today?
  205. McCain wins anti-war vote in Georgia
  206. MotherFu*#(r better pony up
  207. Romney Likelly to Drop Out?
  208. How Can we compete against this kind of BS?
  209. Ron Paul BETTER win a state today.
  210. Did you campaign at the polls today?
  211. 0% Reporting and CNN just projected winners for 3 states (GOP)
  212. It's not over today.
  213. IL Exit Polls
  214. C-SPAN phone lines just opened
  215. Huckabee - Slimey politician lacking any integrity
  216. Exit polls for all states so far
  217. ABC projections 8 pm
  218. What Is Up With Georgia?
  219. Just lost some Ron Paul
  220. LOL! McCain wins CT, IL with 0% of the vote
  221. If anyone needs a volunteer for a phone bank, let me know.
  222. Look at CNN- Checks for Mitt and Mac everywhere!
  223. Send Those Campaign Signs On!!!!!
  224. WV Deal to Backfire on the Huckster (wish)
  225. cspan election results
  226. Georgia - strange behaviour?!
  227. CT Results coming in
  228. Politico just went ape 6$%t
  229. The Sheeple Are Speaking Tonight
  230. All results
  231. Giuliani in 2nd in Jersey!
  232. Ron Paul seems to be second in New Jersey on CNN
  233. Missouri, 4.2%
  234. Well at least there is one good thing..
  236. Getting beat 3:1 by "other" in Tennessee
  237. Anyone feel it? The MSM has won.
  238. Ron needs to call a press conference and say...
  239. Hold the Line, Fall into Formation, and Get ready for the real fight
  240. Can we put the negative stuff on hold until all the states have finished voting?
  241. Regardless of the WV Deal; Regardless of the Results
  242. RP in Third in Montanna!!!
  243. Wolf just said that North Dakota is democratic caucus only??
  244. Romney Getting STOMPED
  245. Minute By Minute Information And Ron Paul's Strategy
  246. What the hell happened in WV?????
  247. Good Bye America
  248. Romney is losing massively - ALL PART OF A BRILLIANT STRATEGY!
  249. What kind of BS is this?
  250. RP Radio- RP not in ballots in some states!!!