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  1. Huckabee just passed us in Montana
  2. Next thread with !!!!! or ?????? goes to the naughty corner
  3. I am scared.
  4. fear
  5. Why Is Fred Thompson And Guiliani Getting Votes And Ron Paul 0????????
  6. 20 million dollar warchest = 4th place finishes
  7. Where's Alaska?
  8. MSM Won- That is the only thing Super Tuesday has proven!
  9. Minnesota -- 1st place so far (0% reporting)
  10. ron paul results in ny
  11. Time to call out the Military?
  12. Exit Poll: Those who spent 8+ hours of their OWN time researching the candidates
  13. I don't see a brokered convention.
  14. Winning Minnesota!
  15. 5-10 min discussion about Ron Paul just on C-SPAN
  16. Minnesota and Ron Paul
  17. Default Diebold Voting Machine Key - Copied from Pic on Diebold website! [DIGG]
  18. RP winning Minn so far
  19. Stop blaming the media - it's the GOP that's the problem
  20. 4th place in Montana??
  21. Official site for Minnesota results
  22. Brokered Convention
  23. What is the link for the NJ results?
  24. The guy on RPR Radio just said something I like...
  25. Please remember that Ron Paul has gotten virtually NO media coverage!
  26. Why is Huckaboo kicking so much ass??
  27. **Its McCain Stupid! --The WV Horror**
  28. report from Fargo, North Dakota
  29. A Reminder of the Revolution
  30. Only 6 votes behind Huckabee in Montana...
  31. On RPR Radio Now...
  32. RPR Radio guys say they've seen no ads and Ron needs to fire whole campaign staff...
  33. Looking Past Febuary 5th
  34. Anyone seen RP get any mention on MSM?
  35. ONLY go 3rd Party IF....
  36. If the campaign won't run ads, we should get our donations back and run our own.
  37. I'm actually EXCITED!
  38. 10 Reasons to remain optimistic!
  39. Let's be realistic about the GOP. General election Strategy.
  40. 40 RP Delegates Montana? WTF is going on?
  41. 7% in NY is pretty damn good
  42. Huckabee is running for McCain's VP
  43. Naysayers - let me break it down for you
  44. 7% in NY so far
  45. Hello, Grassroots
  46. They will SPLIT the 3rd party vote...
  47. Seeing a lot of Ron Paul ads in Texas during Super Tuesday coverage
  48. Isn't battle just...exquisite?
  49. US Banking System Collapsing - Fed Docs
  50. I'm losing faith, and getting angry, please cheer me up...
  51. Should Reporting Eastern Stats before Western States be illegal?
  52. Will Romney Quit Now?
  53. Do You Feel The Rage Yet!!!
  54. Alaska district 1 report - Very positive
  55. Super Tuesday for Super Pop-Culture Consumers
  56. We are smarter than this
  57. How? 60,000 Votes in Florida -- 14,000 Combined on Super Tuesday??
  58. huckabee doing well ehh???
  59. McCain might just win the majority and killed a possible brokered convention
  60. Wheres the North Dakota results?
  61. So . . . when Romney bows out
  62. Precinct maps?
  63. Feb 5. 2008 - The day the United States committed national suicide
  64. This is Looking more like a Brokered Convention
  65. Voted Tonight so far: 134851 votes for Ron Paul
  66. I Thought We Were Polling 7% Nationally
  67. Can Romney withstand a third place showing on Super Tuesday?
  68. Will you be here tomorrow when the dust clears?
  69. My Report As Precinct Leader!! Mn!!!
  70. Pulling a Lincoln at brokered convention vs Independent run
  71. WTF??? Alan Keyes gets 81% of Utah???
  72. Reality TV and politics
  73. The Doors - The End... of an era, not the war.
  74. Convince me that a brokered convention is the best scenario...
  75. "...it's only keeper, the people."
  76. Utah Results
  77. Two Precincts Won In Mn!!!!
  78. I got blocked by the moderator
  79. I can see it now, Nov 2008 Hillary Vs McCain
  80. Minnesota, Alaska and Montana might still give us delegates, right?
  81. The Irony of MSM.
  82. What happens in Arizona if McLame is the nominee?
  83. Is Romney finished?
  84. Third in North Dakota with 21%
  85. 3rd in ND
  86. We need covert operations
  87. How many total delegates are there???
  88. I need to vent...
  89. national delegates are sent by state process!!!
  90. Welcome Troll Thread!!! <<---distract Us Here--->>>
  91. My caucus experience in MN
  92. Future - Donating/Pooling money to buy up media...
  93. Colorado???? Discrpensies in Reported Results
  94. Wow, Are We A Country Of Sheep Or What?
  95. When will Alaska report?
  96. Fred and Rudy still getting thousands of votes
  97. Where is Paul now? - Will he give us a speech?
  98. Cold Calling in Alaska now!!!!!
  99. Stop Whining!
  100. help me understand the scope of things here
  101. What will it take to win?
  102. Are they electing state or national delegates in Montana?
  103. With first, third, and fourth rotating...
  104. Does anyone fear that the internet...
  105. Why Not Rand Paul?
  106. It's not Over!!!
  107. CA and AK still to report
  108. Only 5% in the Mises Institute's back yard
  109. Why did I just see my first Ron Paul commercial in Missouri?
  110. We are getting raped in Colorado
  111. Post on HucksArmy about Alaska
  112. 3rd in North Dakota
  113. Dont get hopes up for California
  114. "Winner take all" killed us. We need to kill that GOP policy.
  115. I plan on showing my support tomorrow!
  116. C-SPAN tried to get Ron Paul on tonight
  117. Delegate breakdown after today (proj)
  118. california
  119. Minnesota?
  120. Whose fault is this?? Certainly not the MSMs
  121. Anybody got a link for Colorado or Alaska results?
  122. I need some help understanding something...
  123. Super Tuesday slamming was not due to Diebold deceit
  124. Caucus vs. Primary results.
  125. For all you 3rd party whiners and negative Nancy's
  126. Let off some steam
  127. Don't Lose Hope. Thing are going according to plan
  128. RP "mistakenly" removed from ballot in Albany, NY suburb
  129. If you're going to blame, blame the sheeple
  130. North Dakota
  131. Why has noone mentioned that RP is doing 400-500% better in caucus states?
  132. And Maine mysteriously sits at 68% counted.
  133. Reason to be optimistic and Reason why we only have ourselves to blame..
  134. How do we win war-mongering Super Delegates?
  135. We have to do what the globalist elite realized they had to do long ago...
  136. Nearly *20* states have NOT voted yet!
  137. Obama is so full of it...
  138. Anybody watching Obama on MSNBC?
  139. Delegates won today?
  140. 2nd - MT, 3rd - UT, ND
  141. Over 530,000 Americans voted for Ron Paul tonight...
  142. Invisible Ink Fiasco in Chicago...
  143. If...
  144. this sucks
  145. Colorado Turnout 4x higher then 2004
  146. More of us need to do this
  147. DOOM! McCain snags California.
  148. It's not our fault...
  149. Hilary Vs McCain?
  150. They increased Paul's delegate number
  151. I Quit!!!!
  152. Why We Will Win
  153. Ron Paul Super Tuesday Results Summary
  154. This is going to be good.
  155. Alaska
  156. 25 Delegates for Ron Paul
  157. The establishment
  158. BREAKING! Romney is still in
  159. February 6th Super Wednesday Moneybomb
  160. They just said Obama won Alaska on MSNBC
  161. Alaska predictions?
  162. The Market is Going to Get SMOKED Tomorrow Morning
  163. All Caucus State Goers: Listen To This To Win... Now!!!
  164. CNN Talking About Tornados
  165. Explanation for California...
  166. This needs to be settled!
  167. Was Ron a factor in deciding any of today's races?
  168. short fun break from the news, etc.
  169. ABC Ecludes Paul's Popular Vote %?
  170. Do It for THEM
  171. Isn't there a US Territory that is voting today?
  172. WTF is up?
  173. OH ****! Just called KTUU... (Alaska)
  174. Has CNN mentioned Montanna at all?
  175. For Comic Relief: People Actually Voted for This Guy...lol
  176. Alaska now on CNN
  177. ALASKA Results Coming In..
  178. McCain delegate totals
  179. Brokered Convention- Delegates released- new strategy!
  180. Ron Paul has lost the Republican Race, Indy time!
  181. Ron Paul Knows Political Judo!
  182. Alaska
  183. 511,286 votes for Paul so far
  184. AWESOME pro-Paul political cartoons
  185. Barely 3rd in Alaska with 75% reporting...
  186. When they are gone...
  187. 17% in AK
  188. **Please read this you are going to like**
  189. Could Weather Have Played a Roll in Tonights Results?
  190. When the hell did Mcain get so much support?
  191. Why Ron Paul does well in caucuses
  192. Ron Paul didn't get above 2nd place in even ONE STATE today.
  193. Media Blackout & Campaign Blackout
  194. We're Losing Momentum!
  195. Please Hear Me Out, and Help Me Understand WTF is Going On....
  196. Just donated!!! Because freedom will never die!!!
  197. Do We Have "Lemon Laws" for Presidential Candidates?
  198. Ron Paul's CAMPAIGN Strategy from December! YOUTUBE
  199. Can we give this guy a dose of reality please!?!?
  200. For what it's worth, Ron got at least one gold in one big city (and I live there)
  201. *IMPORTANT!* - Strategy to win the nomination.
  202. If someone says "Independent", "third party", or "drop out" one more time!
  203. Boycott The Fed
  204. Why We Lost Super Tuesday!
  205. RP needs to run for Governor.
  206. 'Trolling'
  207. Petition to GOP: We Will Not Vote for the Nominee
  208. I am disgusted with the stupidity of America
  209. 10,000,000 Strong
  210. Why were the dropouts on my ballot?
  211. 600K+ Criticial Thinkers !! BUT Millions of SHEEP still out there!
  212. I am still here!
  213. Caucus ave. 13% vs. Primary ave. 4%
  214. For Some Much Needed Inspiration...
  215. Precinct voting results link pls?
  216. Thread about revolutions major success
  217. How a Ron Paul Conservative can become our next President
  218. Those who are delegates for other candidates speak up
  219. What Next Scenarios
  220. We need your campaign materials!
  221. I think I've given up on this country. The system is completely broke beyond repair.
  222. Sabotage from inside HQ?
  223. I love my fellow paulites
  224. ********RON Paul Out Of The Race????**************
  225. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth
  226. ATTENTION All GOP Nay Sayers
  227. On Money and Delegates - Just How Many?
  228. Brothers and sisters I am telling you this is a great day
  229. This about sums it up............
  230. Some Starch for the Faint-Hearted
  231. if you dont understand the delegate process shut up!!
  232. Why no ID required for proof of vote eligibility?
  233. Copy - Go for Jugular againt McCain
  234. Chicago voters TOLD to vote with 'Invisible Ink' WOW
  235. My County was the only one to even place.
  236. Uhh, so how did Paul do?
  237. We are over half a million STRONG
  238. Ron Paul National Delegate Count Now 42 or More
  239. Where are the up to the minutes STATE results?
  240. The serious consequences for millions who did not vote for Ron Paul yesterday
  241. !!!! Omg =]
  242. Cheer Up, Yesterday wasn't the be all end all
  243. It's simple, they approve of the war and are satisfied with Bush
  244. It's simple, they approve of the war and are satisfied with Bush
  245. HERE IS THE DELEGATE PROCESS...from an official campaign coordinator
  246. Please send your canvassing materials to States with upcoming primaries and caucuses.
  247. Long Island Results Map
  248. How do I become a delegate?
  249. fighting tyranny: how?
  250. Losses Aside, Romney Puts Convention on Calendar