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  1. Dr. Paul now in the MTV debate
  2. Myspace / MTV "Closing Arguments" Debate - Saturday 2/2/08 @ 6PM EST - LINK
  3. Submit your Video Question for the MTV / Myspace Debate Sat 2/2 @6PM on MTV / Myspace
  4. MTV Debate Questions
  5. Can Anyone Please Confirm RP's Participation in the MTV Debate?
  6. WHOA! The MTV forum is a cross-party debate?!?!
  7. Do we have people going to the MTV debate?
  8. Will this be televised or is it just on the net?
  9. Go to Myspace and vote for this video, we need to get this question out to Ron!
  10. Our in?
  11. I posted a HealthCare question for Dems
  12. Here's Mine.
  13. Only person running that voted against the patriot act and funding the war
  14. One thing Ron MUST mention
  15. Please Read: Potential Slam-Dunk!!!
  16. Debate Streaming Online at ChooseOrLose.com and on MTV
  17. This is Frank Luntz Wet Dream.
  18. Can you see the entire debate online after its over?
  19. Myspace super dialog starting soon. Only 4 in it!
  20. Via Satelite or in Studio?
  21. There will be plenty of booing in the audience when Huckabee speaks...
  22. Live Polling on chooseorlose.com - worth going there just to vote up Ron Paul
  23. Forum to discuss MTV debate?
  24. Vote - Right now!
  25. They are mentioning him like he's a real candidate.
  26. This WILL get votes
  27. More important forum than any of the others so far
  28. Ron Paul behind McCain - WTF?
  29. You know what's funny this time?
  30. Vote
  31. Official Thread
  32. WTF is Huck talking about?
  33. get on mtv and vote on issues - interactive!!
  34. MTV forum instant polling link
  35. Everyone needs to be voting RIGHT NOW
  36. Huck is cool...but
  37. Young people look bored currently
  38. Kudos to Huckabee for attempting to be appealing to the youth...
  39. RP will OWN this
  40. Is it even on TV??
  41. Write Your Questions Here Real Time
  42. Huckabee really eating Pauls talking points in mtv interview
  43. Gotta Admit, Huck Speaks Very Well
  44. Poll - How important is a candidate's name recognition
  45. Vote AGAINST Huckabee Now!
  46. Get to CHOOSEORLOSE.com NOW - live polling
  47. Send Instant Messages!
  48. Live Poll - More like the Fair Tax? WTH?
  49. It is not going to be good for Paul
  50. VOTE HERE! Important
  51. Wow, he just totally slithered out of that foreign tax question
  52. Is Ron gonna be on?
  53. Huckabee steals RP's platform when talking...
  54. Ron Paul Spammers
  55. LOL @ Huckabee on Myspace Closing Arguments: Borrowing money from the Chinese
  56. Tune In Now Mtv!!
  57. The POLLS!
  58. Oh, so anti-tax automatically means 'conservative'. He just said it.
  59. if RP gets the chance Huckabee has had.. wow
  60. of course his mic is messed up
  61. what the?!! microphone?!!
  62. I Dont Believe It!!!!
  63. VOLUME! Where is the volume!
  64. What the f$%^ is wrong with his mike.
  66. WTF? Ron Paul's mic is all screwed up!
  67. Cool your jets, the mic is fixed and he still has 20 minutes.
  68. Worst questions for Paul
  69. Video AND Audio Problems
  70. plants
  71. RP on BIG screen over Broadway?
  72. So MTV screws us with the audio & questions
  73. Where is the MTV poll?
  74. What a bunch of young socialists
  75. These are good questions.
  76. He's KILLING THIS!!! ^%$## TRUTH, people!
  77. Ron is on right now
  78. The questions are setup to make him look bad and he KILLS THEM!!!
  79. Ron Paul said he won Louisiana
  80. he needs to drop his mic. he looks uncomfortable :P
  81. Hemp! They all just woke up! haha.
  82. Go Mtv Ron Paul Sign Wavers !!
  83. He Is Nailing This
  84. Look at all those signs man.
  85. notice how he said.....
  86. Does "empire" resonate with the youth?
  87. Audience reactions?
  88. The only thing Paul is still not doing well is...
  89. Vote Yes QUICKLY...
  90. Vote Now
  91. Ron Is Killing It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. When it comes to Obama polls, vote negatively
  93. am i crazy or did the computer guy
  94. How did Ron Paul do in this?
  95. omg... that final comment of the host = pure BS
  96. hehe they are going to orgasam for obama.
  97. Who recorded this? I NEED a HIGH RES of this
  98. YouTube Plea for those opf us with no cable/stream won't work
  99. Everyone keep watching - Must vote in the other candidate's polls
  100. Is anyone YouTubing the stream?
  101. Why do ppl think that calling us "tech savvy" is a knock on Dr. Paul?
  102. mtv debate right now, vote down obama live
  103. Vote Against.. OBAMA..
  104. I think RP did a great job!!!!
  105. Vote Obama DOWN!!!!
  106. vote!!
  107. Tone of questions become fluff when Obama steps in
  108. MTV Forum... Ron's Best Performance Ever???
  109. Leave some comments at myspace MTV
  110. Vote Obama Down!!!!11
  111. Ron Talking Like This Made Me Switch Parties!!
  112. They want to downplay our support at the end? Stay on there and their chosen ones
  113. What was his answer to draft?
  114. OK Where's the Youtube?
  115. MTV Audio for Dr Paul: Like Talking into a Bottle
  116. Why you have not dropped out yet?
  117. Its Working, Vote Obama Down, They Notice It!!!
  118. HAHAHAHA!! Obama got done in the poll!!!
  119. Closing Arguments - MTV
  120. TOTAL VICTORY guys !!! woooh!
  121. Wasn't allowed to vote on the Obama draft question
  122. MTV / Myspace Q & A Session: Absolutely Amazing!
  123. Obama: $4000 grant to every student every year
  124. Vote Fairly
  125. I don't trust his (Obama) foreign policy
  126. Obama speaks with hesitation
  127. The difference between Ron Paul and the others
  128. How much has Obama just taken out of your pocket ?
  129. Ask obama about the patriot act
  130. We need to push the gay marriage thing with Obama zombies.
  131. Don't Vote Obama Negatively...
  132. widget stopped letting me vote at foreign policy
  133. hahah they love Obama...
  134. Vote Truthfully In Favor Of The Constitution And Our Movement!
  135. Obama Claims he doesn't take lobbyist money...
  136. We Need Hillary To Win For The Dems You Dolts!!
  137. obama is sooo full of it
  138. Nobody is sending in question to Obama.
  139. DO vote Obama negatively
  140. Ron Paul Owning MTV Poll
  141. WOW. The Revolution just prompeted Obama to take another whack at the gay marriage Q.
  142. The distinction is "I'm playing politics to try and appeal to everyone"
  143. I wish RP would have mentioned his stance on the war on drugs.
  144. Vote POSITIVELY with Hillary
  145. Obama - Not good at answering questions obviously...
  146. Obama.....seems like he could be your best friend yet the worst president
  147. Wow this is exposing Obama.
  148. Did he just say we need more oversight on the economy.
  149. Let's show our Approval By Giving RP a $$ Boost
  150. Thank Mtv For The Softballs!!
  151. F^*% how much pandering!!!!
  152. Will there be an encore presentation on tv?
  153. Vote In The General Poll Too
  154. Of course media guy talks up Obama
  155. Vote Hitlary Down!!!!!!
  156. that host is totally biased
  157. Screw this bearded dude
  158. WHAT? If you're voting for change
  159. "There's no doubt if you're voting for change in this election, you're voting for"
  160. "if you're voting for change in this election, you're voting for Senator Obama"
  161. They didn't show poll resut for most of RP's answers
  162. now comes up the high pitch bitch
  163. Haha, the computer guy defends Obama!
  164. Please... DON'T vote Hillary DOWN!!!!
  165. Vote down Hillary. We need to have the best numbers tonight!
  166. Hillarys up next !
  167. He Comes The Hilldog bury her
  168. Vote for Hillary if you want. But don't let her beat Dr. Paul!!!
  169. Vote Hillary Up! We don't need the best numbers! It's too late for Dems to reg Rep!
  170. Huck = Slimey
  171. I am embarrassed by my generation
  172. Who the hell is this computer guy with the beard?
  173. RP most positive tonight
  174. Clinton = Slimey
  176. Hillary is probably late.
  177. Senator Clinton a no show?
  178. Vote Hillary Down!
  179. Looks like Hitlery is going to stiff them!
  180. i disagree with Ron on one thing
  181. Keep Voting - Another Ron Paul poll might come up!
  182. Vote Down Clinton
  183. The Myspace commenting....
  184. Either DOWNVOTE or DON'T VOTE for Hillary
  185. obama OBAMA OBAMA!
  186. Poll: Vote Clinton Up/Down?
  187. Jesus She's Aged!!!!!!
  188. Moron in Audience Bought Obama's Line About Not Dealing with Lobbyists
  189. ahh... hillary is scary looking tonight
  190. Anyone catch hillary's first poll?
  191. bitch, stop digressing and answer the question!
  192. Obama HAS taken money from lobbyists
  193. Hillary: "vote for me and ill give you money for free!"
  194. Don't vote before she answers
  195. hurls
  196. What Happened to the MTV Official Topic?
  197. Where do they think the money is coming from
  198. I agree with Hillary on foreign service.......
  199. Snooring... Shut up Hillary! lol
  200. No to her college fund thing!!!
  201. Vote For Ron Paul In This Poll!!!
  202. When Obama and Hillary are talking....
  203. Voting Clinton Down Makes Her Look Like a Fool Live!
  204. Vetted... tested
  205. Ron Paul ROCKED MTV. Here's the best part!
  206. MTV Electability Question
  207. MTV Poll!
  208. Clinton always ignores Ron Paul
  209. Don't be thanking MTV!!!
  210. So Paul people both agreed with Paul and think electability is very important?
  211. electability bahhhhh, bahhhh....
  212. MTV Poll!
  213. When people ask Hillary questions...
  214. this is a FIRST
  215. V O T E For RON PAUL IN THIS POLL!!!!
  216. BAHAHA shes defending the occupation in iraq
  217. Will MTV / Myspace authorize re-airing this on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX????
  218. Who here think Frank Luntz chose the people in the MTV audience?
  219. Clinton already decided who will win: McBurger
  220. Hillary is so ugly
  221. Clinton is incredibly partisan
  222. Clinton wants secure our interests.
  223. we killed the polls lol
  224. And you think Huck supporters are nice.
  225. Dear Washington Post idiot - 16% IS NOT 26%
  226. that guy defends clinton and bashes ron paul
  227. 26% for Hillary?
  228. Funny how...
  229. MTV Scared to show overall
  230. Good job guys!
  231. hahaha MTV guy just contradicts himself!!
  232. Time to get out of this Thread and go to Winning maine
  233. LMAO. CNN Rebroadcasting Dem Debate with Billary and Obama
  234. when are people going to realize hillary's plan for withdrawl?
  235. MTV overdrive - watch ron paul
  236. No, she's slimy???
  237. "Tech Savvy"
  238. Im gonna guess no MTV average watcher is even gonna vote period
  239. Post From Huck's Army
  240. My favorite question: Subsidize sluts!
  241. Great MTV forum
  242. Ron Paul's video is up.
  243. Watch Ron Paul's MTV Appearence Now
  244. We Are Coming Mr. McCain, Tra-la, Tra-la!
  245. Come on YouTubers
  246. YOUTUBE of MTV Forum is UP.
  247. Youtube Up!
  248. Vote on this MTV Poll!!
  249. Ron Paul MTV Forum Youtubes
  250. Presidential Candidates Seek Youth Vote (mtv/aol.com new POLL) Go Vote!